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The PittAuto axe
Man Opener
The Mauler
Steel saw
Point LookoutAxe
The Dismemberer
Fallout: New VegasFire axe
Throwing hatchet
Honest HeartsPoisoned fire axe
Icon cut Poisoned hatchet
Old World BluesProton axe
Protonic inversal axe
Proton throwing axe
Protonic inversal throwing axe
Fallout 4Grognak's axe
Fallout 76Hatchet
Multi-purpose axe
Fire axe
Grognak's axe
Auto axe Gametitle-FO76 WL
Van BurenFire axe
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An axe is a melee weapon in the Fallout 3 add-ons The Pitt and Point Lookout, Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons Honest Hearts and Old World Blues, Fallout 76 and Van Buren.



Gameplay article: Point Lookout

This woodcutters style axe is a melee weapon added to Fallout 3 through the add-on Point Lookout. It is used by the swampfolk and tribals.

Auto axeEdit

AutoAxeRender copy
Gameplay articles: The Pitt, Wastelanders

Made from parts of various cars, vehicles and scrap metal from the Pitt Bridge by Marco.

Fire axeEdit


The fire axe has a whirlwind attack capable of hitting everything in a small area around the player character. To use it, hold down the attack button while running forward in third person.

Poisoned fire axeEdit

Gameplay article: Honest Hearts

It is used by White Legs pain makers and not accessible to the player character without the use of console commands.



It is a weighted hand-axe with a rubber-gripped metal handle, for chopping wood and limbs alike. Unlike throwing hatchets, these are not balanced for use as a projectile weapon.

Throwing hatchetEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

Differing from standard hatchets, these hatchets have been rebalanced for ranged combat.

Poisoned hatchetEdit

Gameplay article: Honest Hearts

Used by White Legs pain makers and not accessible to the player without the use of console commands.

Multi-purpose axeEdit

F76 Multipurpose Axe
Gameplay article: Fallout 76

A standard woodcutter's axe found throughout Appalachia.

Axe handleEdit

Tactics axe handle
Gameplay article: Fallout Tactics

The handle of an axe minus the blade, used as a blunt weapon.

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