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Rockwell designed the Avenger as the replacement for their aging CZ53 Personal Minigun. The Avenger's design improvements include improved, gel-fin, cooling and chromium plated barrel-bores. This gives it a greater range and lethality.In-game description, Fallout 2

The CZ57 Avenger minigun is a big gun in Fallout 2.


Along with the regular minigun, it has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game. The weapon is ineffective against the very heavy armor.



  • The Avenger has the highest damage per action point of any weapon in the game. This has only limited relevance since the weapon's effectiveness suffers greatly against heavy armor. Against unarmored targets, however, the Avenger can do the highest damage possible in the game: with the relevant perks (Bonus Ranged Damage x2, Living Anatomy) it can do over 800 HP of damage, with a theoretical maximum of 965 HP if every round hits the intended target. Lucky criticals on unarmored targets can exceed 2500 HP, with a theoretical maximum of 2885 HP.
  • Though not peculiar to this weapon, all the burst weapons in Fallout 2 suffer from a bug whereby dead creatures obstruct burst fire as if they were standing up. Thus, if a dead entity is located between the player and the intended target of his/her burst fire, that dead entity will block the majority of the rounds fired..
  • A remodeled version of the CZ57 Avenger appears in Fallout: New Vegas.