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Find their tracking collars, sweetheart. Bring them to me, so I may lay their souls to rest. If we cannot respect the memory of the dead, then there is no hope for the living.

Ava Rose is a woman in the Pitt.


Ava was born with a bad spine and was bedridden for most of her childhood. On the morning of her seventh birthday, she got out of bed and walked. When the bombs of the Great War fell, Ava witnessed a man blister in front of her. She curled into the ground and was surrounded by rubble after.

As an older woman, Ava became caught in the battle between the Union and the Fanatics. She once stayed in the Sanctum when it was a peaceful and secure place, but when it was taken over by the Fanatics, Ava ran for her life and managed to escape. She eventually decided to go on a wandering journey and found herself at the Pitt. She believed she was guided back to help those in need.

Ava is a theist and also mentions the Holy Spirit, and thinks her presence in aiding the dire situation is a result of God's plan for her. She believes the Fanatics are suffering and that because they believe themselves beyond redemption, they only dig themselves deeper in their immoral actions.

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Ava Rose appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: The Pitt update.