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An automated surface to air missile (ASAM) is a world object in Fallout 76.


A large turret that launches missiles, located at several Brotherhood of Steel locations. The Brotherhood of Steel installed these missile batteries at some of their bases and at Fort Defiance. At the fort they also installed a sonic generator to lure scorchbeasts in order to kill them, hoping to eradicate them.

They killed many but scorchbeasts kept coming at a steady rate. The Brotherhood powered the ASAMs at Fort Defiance from Thunder Mountain Power Plant, and after Thunder Mountain fell the main array of ASAMs at the fort went offline, spelling the end of the Brotherhood in Appalachia.


ASAMs are very effective against scorchbeasts and other ranged enemies. They must be protected from melee attacks. An ASAM will usually be found inoperational, and one can repair it. Repair requires steel (8), circuitry (1), gears (2), and oil (2). In a battle with a scorchbeast, the ASAM will usually be attacked by Scorched or other enemies in addition to the scorchbeast. One must protect it and may need to repair it during the battle.


Related quests

  • The event Surface to Air can occur at any of the locations except Fort Defiance. The event will start with the ASAM(s) operational and a scorchbeast nearby.


If the player character lets an ASAM defeat a scorchbeast without personally damaging it, they will not receive experience points nor will they be able to loot the carcass. Similarly, no point is awarded during Officer on Deck if a scorchbeast or any other qualifying enemy is killed by an ASAM unless the player character has also damaged it. The events Line in the Sand and Surface to Air can be completed without directly attacking the scorchbeasts and rewards will be given for the event but the player character will not be able to loot the carcass of any scorchbeast that they did not directly damage.