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Auto-Miner L4R-E (codenamed Larry) is a Protectron operating in the abandoned mine site Kittery in Appalachia.


Hornwright Industrial partnered with Atomic Mining Services to produce the Auto-Miner, in an effort to completely automate their mining operations while retaining only executive staff. The resulting loss of jobs led to large scale union action and attacks by Hornwright's previous human workforce against Auto-Miner operated mines and Hornwright-affiliated sites.

In response to the Auto-Miner, and in an attempt to show the benefits of a human workforce, Garrahan Mining funded the development of the excavator power armor and challenged Hornwright in a heavily advertised contest, which Hornwright won by 1.87 tons of ore. Garrahan was financially ruined by this loss, and desperation led to Garrahan firing some of its miners and replacing them with Auto-Miners. The laid-off miners then protested and even rioted, similarly to the Hornwright miner riots. Some Auto-Miners can be found outside of the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.

L4R-E (Larry) is one of the Auto-Miners that needs to be repaired during the quest Lode Baring.

Interactions with the player character

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This character cannot be killed.
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Auto-Miner L4R-E appears only in Fallout 76.