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This is a transcript for dialogue with Auto-Miner.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0004F1EF 0004EB43 Target lost. Resuming work procedures. Robotic.
2 0004F10E Stoppage target ... no longer detected. Resuming. Robotic.
3 0004F10F Active mineral source ... no longer available. Resuming standard procedures. Robotic.
4 0004F1F0 0004F11C Work interruption over. Reinitiating priority actions. Robotic.
5 0004F121 Site secure. Resuming prescribed collection procedures. Robotic.
6 0004F122 Closing out task: unscheduled break. Returning to previously designated task. Robotic.
7 00329898 003298C5 Company property will be preserved! Robotic.
8 003298C6 Claim jumping will be met with maximum force! Robotic.
9 003298C7 Registering post-mortem mineral harvesting procedures in local memory. Robotic.
10 003298C8 Industrial sabotage detected. Countermeasures active. Robotic.
11 003298C9 Enemy topography recorded. There is no escape. Robotic.
12 00329899 003298CE Trespasser located. Initiating removal.
13 003298CF Target found. Re-engaging.
14 003298D0 No additional harm can come to company property. Eliminating target.
15 0032989A 003298B6 Hostile detected. Drill torque increased for maximum evisceration.
16 003298B7 Trespasser confirmed. Initiating removal procedure. Robotic.
17 003298B8 Company properly must not be harmed. Eliminating. Robotic.
18 0032989B 003298C0 Mineral collection interrupted. Engaging defense protocols.
19 003298C1 Hostile detected. Halting collection process. Robotic.
20 003298C2 Mining system in danger. Engaging. Robotic.
21 003298C3 Company properly must not be harmed. Eliminating. Robotic.
22 0032989C 0004E393 Support team - proceed to designated collection tasks. Robotic.
23 0004E873 Rare minerals detected. Error! Collection from living being not currently authorized. Resuming standard collection. Robotic.
24 0004E874 Please reserve conversation for designated break period. Robotic.
25 0004E957 Persistent worker interruption will be recorded. Robotic.
26 003298D6 Sniffer systems engaged. Local mineral deposits documented. Robotic.
27 003298D7 Mineral detection protocols active. Robotic.
28 003298D8 Drilling systems performing at optimal levels. Robotic.
29 003298D9 All priority minerals will be collected. Robotic.
30 003298DB Hornwright Senior Executive detected. Greetings sir or madam. Robotic.