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The authority glasses are a set of heavily tinted glasses in Fallout: New Vegas. They can be found commonly throughout the Mojave Wasteland. They are frequently worn by NCR personnel.


Can be repaired with other pairs of themselves or eyeglasses, reading glasses, tinted reading glasses and sunglasses. The biggest difference from normal sunglasses is the fact they are always blackened out rather than requiring a bright light source to cause them to darken. Also, when worn with a goggles helmet, the goggles may be tinted black.



  • Located to the south-east of Nipton is the old nuclear test site and the Caesar's Legion safehouse. In between these two areas and northwest of the old nuclear test site is a small sandbag observation shelter where several sets can be found. There are 5 glasses in total on top of seats and some on the floor. This implies they were being worn by people observing a nuclear explosion, though sunglasses would not prevent eye damage from viewing one directly.
  • Worn by some NCR Rangers (such as Ranger Ghost, Ranger Jackson and at Ranger Station Echo).
  • Can be found on a dead Prospector in The Devil's Throat next to a unique minigun, the CZ57 Avenger.
  • A pair can be found alongside a Ranger grey hat in the basement of the ruined church at Camp Searchlight on one of the two tables.
  • Another pair can sometimes be found in Ruby Hill Mine within the inventory of a dead gang member. The dead gang member also holds the unique unarmed weapon Pushy.
  • Another pair appears at random play intervals in Nipton Hall on the body of one of the Nipton settlers in the main council chamber.
  • Occasionally found being worn by the dead prospector inside the Nevada Highway Patrol station.
  • A pair can be found in the mercenary camp north of the Horowitz Farmstead, along with the unique Gauss rifle YCS/186.
  • A pair may be found on a dead prospector in The Prospector's Den in the main area with a bench that you see upon first entering.
  • A pair may be found on a dead prospector near the hill located east-northeast of Goodsprings Cemetery.
  • A pair is worn by an escaped convict in Vault 19.


Because of their larger size in comparison to other glasses, Authority glasses clip through some facial presets.