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Austin is a location in the Texas Wasteland.


Austin is a city inhabited by super mutants and led by the intellectual super mutant Keats. Keats' leadership is not accepted by all. While his goal of uniting humans and mutants is noble, conspirators seek to reverse it. The city itself is suffering from an infestation of mutant plants that have also knocked out the power to the city.[1]


The main areas of the city are divided into five medium to large maps, the power plant consists of two medium maps. In one of the maps of the city the player character will find a gas station with a working pump and items essential to the storyline.[1]

Notable lootEdit

  • A G.E.C.K. can be found at the gas station.
  • The strange data chip can also be found at the gas station.

Related questsEdit

  • Austin has a working gas station with fuel for the player character's car. The strange data chip found at the gas station is a piece of hardware that can be interpreted by Keats or Shale and provides the next location in the main quest.[1]
  • The G.E.C.K. found at the gas station will interest Keats and can be temporarily given to him for his team of scientists to study. More importantly, it is also a vital part of foiling Reese's plans.[2]
  • If the player character has a good reputation they will be approached by Keats. He wants them to bring power back to the city. He would do it himself, but he wants to show the mutants humans can be trusted.[1]
  • If the player character has a bad reputation they will be approached by Shale. He wants the mutant plants dealt with so the power can be restored allowing him access to a small weapons depot on the other side of town. After this he will send the player character to aid the Twisted Hairs in attacking the Brotherhood of Steel in the Alamo. Upon returning he will ask the player character to assassinate Keats during his speech thus allowing Shale to step in and establish control over the mutants of Austin.[1]


Even if the player character didn't side with Shale, Keats will still be assassinated leading to Shale's take over. Later in the game, the player character will have to return to Austin only to find Shale and a group of super mutants ready to fight, regardless of whether Shale was sided with or not.[3]


Austin was going to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.



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