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For Augustus Autumn's father, see Autumn Senior.
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Furthermore, you are to assist Enclave scientists in assuming control of the administration and operation of this facility at once.

Colonel Augustus Autumn (born in 2222) is the commanding officer of the Enclave's Department of the Army in the Capital Wasteland in 2277 and the main antagonist of Fallout 3.


Early lifeEdit

Augustus was born and raised on the Enclave Oil Rig. His father, Autumn Senior, was a high-ranking scientist in the Enclave at the time of its destruction by the Chosen One in 2242. He then received orders from the new President of the United States who succeeded Dick Richardson, a former presidential advisor named John Henry Eden, to take all surviving Enclave troops and relocate them to the Raven Rock military base on the East Coast. Autumn Senior obeyed that order, gathering his troops and their equipment as he led them eastwards through the wastelands of the post-nuclear United States. Upon the Enclave's arrival in the Capital Wasteland, he was the only one who knew that President Eden was actually a ZAX supercomputer unit that had achieved self-awareness. Prior to his death, Autumn Senior passed that knowledge on to his son, who would become the leader of the Enclave's military and eventually attain the rank of Colonel.[1]

Enclave Military CommanderEdit

Colonel Autumn has proven to be far less subservient than his scientist father, often openly disagreeing with the president's decisions. He did not trust Eden completely, fearing that some of the supercomputer's methods were too extreme, and kept the ZAX destruct sequence for the president in his room as a last resort. At some point, he ordered experimental testing on ED-E be carried out while the robot was fully functional, to the shock of Dr. Whitley.

During the Enclave assault on Project Purity, Autumn confronted James and seemingly died after the scientist flooded the project's main chamber with deadly radiation to prevent the Enclave takeover. However, he managed to survive by injecting himself with a mysterious agent — likely a more effective equivalent of Rad-X or RadAway.

Colonel Autumn is extremely ruthless and shows no regret over his actions, such as shooting unarmed captives or breaking promises of mercy, as long as it serves the Enclave's ends. He is a firm believer in the revival of the United States as a nation of power in the post-nuclear world, and will do almost anything in order to fulfill this vision.


Following their capture and imprisonment in Raven Rock, Eden ordered the release of the Lone Wanderer so he could speak with them. Upon hearing of this, Autumn contradicted Eden's orders and ordered his men to kill the Wanderer instead. Autumn then departed for Jefferson Memorial, unaware of Eden's betrayal and attempted recruitment of the Lone Wanderer. When the Wanderer, Lyons' Pride and Liberty Prime assaulted Project Purity, Autumn led the Enclave soldiers defending the facility and personally confronted the Lone Wanderer in the end. The Lone Wanderer could choose whether to inform Autumn of Eden's betrayal and convince him to give up, or simply kill him.

If Broken Steel is installed, Elder Lyons can be heard asking "He/She just let him get away like that?..." during the "2 weeks later" transition.

He is mentioned in Lonesome Road; it is stated that he wanted all the assets used in the development of the duraframe eyebots to be redirected towards Enclave Hellfire armor. Whitley was not happy with this idea, so he sent ED-E away to Navarro.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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Col. Autumn injecting himself with a mysterious substance, while James falls to the lethal radiation.

  • The Waters of Life: Colonel Autumn is first encountered by the Lone Wanderer during the quest, The Waters of Life, locked in the Project Purity control room at the Jefferson Memorial with James and Janice Kaplinski. He declares the Enclave's intention to confiscate the project, and, in a show of his deadly seriousness, kills Janice in order to force James' cooperation. James, instead of shutting down the project, floods the area with radiation from the purifier, in an attempt to kill Autumn and his men. James and the Enclave soldiers fall to the radiation and die, while Autumn seemingly injects himself with advanced RadAway or Rad-X.
  • Finding the Garden of Eden: Colonel Autumn is seen again at the end of "Finding the Garden of Eden". He kneels over the Lone Wanderer before the blackout, the latter having been knocked to the floor and stunned by an Enclave pulse-grenade. He orders his troops to secure the G.E.C.K. the Lone Wanderer was carrying.
  • The American Dream: At Raven Rock, Autumn interrogates the Lone Wanderer, demanding the activation code for the purifier. The code [2-1-6] can be given up (in which case the Colonel will execute the Wanderer with his pistol), lied about, or instead the Lone Wanderer can insult him. In the case of the latter two, Autumn will be interrupted by Eden, who will release the Lone Wanderer. Colonel Autumn later comes on the Raven Rock broadcast system, informing all Enclave troops that the Wanderer is a hostile target and to disregard the President's orders. He then escapes with a group of Vertibirds.
  • Take it Back!: Autumn is finally confronted by the Lone Wanderer at the end of Take it Back!, just outside the purifier's control room once more. He is accompanied by his two personal bodyguards, a pair of high-level Enclave soldiers equipped with tesla power armor and armed with Gatling lasers or miniguns. Autumn and his men can either be fought, or convinced to leave peacefully through 2 consecutive Speech checks of fairly high difficulty. One speech path involves convincing Autumn to abandon President Eden's insane plans and stop the war; if Raven Rock has been destroyed, another slightly easier Speech path is available in which Autumn can be convinced he has nothing left to fight for and walk away.


Fallout 3

* Only during Take it Back!

Fallout Shelter


  • During the optional final fight with Autumn, if one of his bodyguards dies, he may pick up their minigun or Gatling laser, which he uses with skill, making him a much tougher foe.
  • After completing The Waters of Life, Colonel Autumn can be heard on the Enclave Radio informing the people of the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave's mission and warns not to interfere with them.
  • When faced during the final fight his body may fall down the gap underneath the purifier's control room, making his body unreachable and un-lootable. Killing him is of course optional.
  • During The Waters of Life quest he may exit the purifier before the door closes, leading to him performing the dialogue looking over his shoulder and being unable to kill Janice, just walking towards the door. This glitch can be solved either by reloading or exiting then entering the room. The latter will cause Autumn to have killed Janice but still be outside the purifier. He will still "die" as normal and can be looted. He cannot be attacked or talked to during this, though an empty dialogue will show up for a short time

Notable quotesEdit


Augustus Autumn appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout Shelter, and is mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel and the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.



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