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I should have killed you right away. We have the G.E.C.K., we'll get the code. We don't need you.

Colonel Augustus Autumn[1][2] is the commanding officer of the Capital Wasteland Enclave contingent in 2277. He serves as the main antagonist of Fallout 3.


Born and raised on the Enclave Oil Rig off the coast of New California, Autumn was the son of a high-ranking scientist. Both were posted to the mainland, and managed to avoid incineration when the Chosen One nuked the oil rig in the fall of 2242.[Non-game 1] The mainland bases of the Enclave were left to fend for themselves,[3] and a select group was contacted by a new commander-in-chief, John Henry Eden, from his stronghold at Raven Rock.[Non-game 2] The new president ordered Autumn's father to gather all high-ranking officials and move them across the North American continent to join him at the only surviving Enclave location with a ZAX super-computer.[Non-game 3]

The rank-and-file members were not informed of the change in leadership, believing the chain of succession terminated with Richardson.[4][5] By 2246, the Navarro base was on its own.[6][Non-game 4] The disappearance of high-ranking Enclave members caused the command structure to fall apart, leading to desertions[7][Non-game 5] and eventually the sack of Navarro by NCR and manhunts by the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel.[8] While Navarro fell, the Autumns were safe at Raven Rock, with only Augustus' father privy to the fact that Eden was not an actual human being, but a facsimile of a president created by the Raven Rock ZAX. He passed this secret on to his son upon his death.[Non-game 3][9]

Broken Steel power armor

Under Autumn's leadership, the old Hellfire power armor prototype was completed and placed into service.

While Augustus succeeded his father at Eden's side and was granted the rank of colonel, he was far less subservient and did not trust the machine. In fact, he kept a destruct sequence for the ZAX mainframe in his possession, to be used as a last resort.[10] Despite the mutual distrust, Autumn remained in command of Enclave soldiers and scientists, and the only one actually meeting with the president.[11] Under his leadership, the Enclave once again restarted several research projects, including Hellfire armor and Duraframe Eyebots. Autumn cared little for ethical misgivings of his subordinates and prioritized efficiency, especially when dealing with robots.[12] While Eyebots were never true artificial intelligences, it did cause distress for some scientists, especially Doctor Whitley at Adams AFB.[13] Eventually, Autumn axed the project entirely, to have his scientists focus on recreating the Hellfire armor for production and deployment.[14] While most subjects were dismantled, subject E was sent by its creator with a complete archive of the research into Duraframe robots, on a return journey to Navarro, indicating that much like Eden did not reveal himself to the Enclave at large, the destruction of Navarro was not public information, or that the entire Enclave in the east, Autumn included, was not aware of it.[15]


Although Autumn was a high-ranking officer in a fascist paramilitary organization,[16] he represented a moderate course diverting away from the total genocide planned by President Richardson. He fundamentally disagreed with Eden's attempt to reimplement the genocidal approach and exterminate all mutations in the wasteland (which would lead to large scale purges of humans),[17] believing this method to be too extreme. To Eden, it was humanity clouding objectivity,[18] but to Autumn it was a decision to fight for the American people and securing their future, rather than doom.[19] Eden eventually pretended to cave in and agreed to abandon the project in early 2277.[20]


Autumn confronts James and demands the purifier, essential to his plans for controlling the wasteland.

Autumn sought to rebuild the United States of America, with the Enclave leading the charge. He considered himself a patriot, one of the good guys,[21] and the Enclave the only entity with the ability to bring about a rebirth of America. Consequently, the ends justified all the means at his disposal. When a wasteland scientist sought to reactivate Project Purity in 2277/2278, Autumn saw an opportunity; in the blasted, poisoned expanse of the Capital Wasteland a reliable source of pure water could be leveraged to attract the masses of wastelanders to the Enclave, which would provide them with ample amounts of water, protection and most importantly, a plan for the future.[22]

He ordered an immediate deployment, not just to Jefferson Memorial, but across the wasteland, personally arriving at the purifier to seize it under the authority of President Eden and the United States government he claimed to represent. However, James proved uncooperative, causing Autumn to shoot one of his associates, Janice Kaplinski, to force him to cooperate. Then the colonel made a mistake, allowing James to activate the purifier. The vengeful scientist instead sealed the control chamber and flooded it with radiation, killing himself and everyone present.[23]

Autumn managed to survive after reflexively injecting himself with an unknown substance before losing consciousness.[24]

The Purifier conflict[]

People of the Capital Wasteland. I am Colonel Autumn. By now, you have encountered Enclave troops in your towns, in your settlements. When you see the Enclave, you see the United States government. We are authorized to restore order and civility, by any means necessary. Just stay out of the way and let us do our job. Interfere with the Enclave's mission, and you will be dealt with. Harshly.

After the Lone Wanderer escaped with most of the Project Purity staff, Autumn regained consciousness. James' suicide was meaningless to Autumn, a cause of misplaced loyalties,[25] and the Enclave stayed the course. Autumn continued his plan to seize control of the wastelands. While its scientists worked on completing the purifier, Autumn appeared on the Enclave Radio, delivering a proclamation to the people of the wasteland, identifying Enclave troops as representatives of the American government. At the same time, he warned them against interfering with the troops, noting that any attempt to prevent the restoration of order and civility would be punished severely (by summary execution).[2]

The network of constituency enforcement points also received confidential orders to monitor civilian traffic, perform mandatory genetic compliance screenings (with the use of force, if necessary), and detain any non-compliant offenders. Anyone passing the test would be provided with water rations. Non-compliance would result in detention (and summary execution).[26][27]

Other units were dispatched to perform field research at areas of nuclear impacts (Bannister crater), acquire samples and analyze the local mutated wildlife, capture Old Olney deathclaws for use as shock troops (with the domestication units, rather than the unreliable genetic modifications), and perform other research experiments (Camp RHO).[28] However, the most important project was tracking the activities of James' heir, as Autumn correctly surmised that not only can they enable the activation of the purifier, they can also help the Enclave locate a Garden of Eden Creation Kit without expending resources. Autumn personally led the operation to capture the Lone Wanderer at Vault 87.[29][30]

Autumn's ultimatum

Autumn delivers his ultimatum while interrogating the Lone Wanderer. "You're a traitor to the United States government. You know what happens to traitors, don't you?"

Instead of summary execution, Autumn personally interrogated the Lone Wanderer at Raven Rock, demanding the code to activate the purifier after the G.E.C.K. was installed. He believed that the sooner it could be brought online, the quicker the people's suffering would end (not through summary execution, but distribution of water rations).[31] As the Enclave held all the cards, Autumn was confident that the "good guys" have won and all that remained was just tying up loose ends. He had no intention of sparing the Lone Wanderer,[21] and would gladly torture them personally, if necessary.[32] It came easy; the Lone Wanderer and their father were traitors to the Enclave (and by extension, the United States government), and the only penalty for treason was summary execution.[33]

Before he could make good on his threats, President Eden intervened and diverted the colonel. Autumn, under a great deal of stress, made the mistake of listening to Eden and leaving the Lone Wanderer alone. He was unaware that Eden was scheming to go behind his back and replace Autumn with the Lone Wanderer as his confidante and right hand (and carry out summary genocide).[34] Upon realizing that he was played, Autumn promptly ordered the troops to ignore Eden's directive to let the Lone Wanderer through, and to shoot them on sight.[35] The result was a confusing three-way battle between Enclave soldiers and scientists, who were loyal to Autumn, Raven Rock technology controlled by Eden, and the Lone Wanderer making their way through the facility.[36] Eventually, the Lone Wanderer reached Eden, and became the only other living person to realize that the president was actually a ZAX artificial intelligence.[37]

Meanwhile, Autumn relocated his command post to Project Purity, continuing his plan to dominate the wasteland. The clear military superiority of the Enclave led him to his final mistake: Underestimating the determination of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel and their trump card, Liberty Prime. The resulting lopsided battle wiped out the Enclave perimeter, allowing the Lone Wanderer and Sentinel Lyons to corner and confront Autumn. At this point, Autumn concluded that he is the Enclave,[20] and as long as he held the purifier, the Enclave would remain at the zenith of its power, no matter what the petty wastelanders working overtime to destroy all his government worked towards.[38]

All he had to do was activate the purifier and control it to rally the masses.[22] He failed however, and the Brotherhood regained control over Project Purity. Whether Autumn was gunned down at the memorial by Lyons and the Lone Wanderer, or allowed to walk away straight into the waiting Brotherhood guns is unknown.[39] In a way, Autumn's actions did pave the way for a rebirth of the United States, as Enclave actions united and rallied the Capital Wasteland against the Enclave under the Brotherhood's banner, the technology provided an incredible stockpile of resources for rebuilding,[40] and subsequent conflicts turned the Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel into a major power on the Eastern Seaboard.[41][42][Non-game 3]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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This character is involved in quests.
This character drops a finger upon death (Lawbringer).


  • The Waters of Life: Colonel Autumn is first encountered by the Lone Wanderer during the quest, The Waters of Life, locked in the Project Purity control room at the Jefferson Memorial with James and Janice Kaplinski. He declares the Enclave's intention to confiscate the project, and, in a show of his deadly seriousness, kills Janice in order to force James' cooperation. James, instead of shutting down the project, floods the area with radiation from the purifier, in an attempt to kill Autumn and his men. James and the Enclave soldiers fall to the radiation and die, while Autumn seemingly injects himself with advanced RadAway or Rad-X.
  • Finding the Garden of Eden: Colonel Autumn is seen again at the end of "Finding the Garden of Eden." He kneels over the Lone Wanderer before the blackout, the latter having been knocked to the floor and stunned by an Enclave pulse-grenade. He orders his troops to secure the G.E.C.K. the Lone Wanderer was carrying.
  • The American Dream: At Raven Rock, Autumn interrogates the Lone Wanderer, demanding the activation code for the purifier. The code [2-1-6] can be given up (in which case the colonel will execute the Lone Wanderer with his pistol), lied about, or instead, the Lone Wanderer can insult him. In the case of the latter two, Autumn will be interrupted by Eden, who will release the Lone Wanderer. Colonel Autumn later comes on the Raven Rock broadcast system, informing all Enclave troops that the Lone Wanderer is a hostile target and to disregard the president's orders. He then escapes with a group of Vertibirds.
  • Take it Back!: Autumn is finally confronted by the Lone Wanderer at the end of Take it Back!, just outside the purifier's control room once more. He is accompanied by his two personal bodyguards, a pair of high-level Enclave soldiers equipped with Tesla power armor and armed with Gatling lasers or miniguns.
    • Autumn and his men can either be fought or convinced to leave peacefully through two consecutive Speech checks of fairly high difficulty. One Speech path involves convincing Autumn to abandon President Eden's insane plans and stop the war; if Raven Rock has been destroyed, another slightly easier Speech path is available in which Autumn can be convinced he has nothing left to fight for and walk away.
    • If the player opts to fight Autumn, killing his bodyguards may cause Autumn's AI to collect their weapons, greatly increasing his DPS. After fighting, his body may fall down the gap underneath the purifier's control room, making his body unreachable and un-lootable.

Other interactions[]

  • After completing The Waters of Life, Colonel Autumn can be heard on the Enclave Radio informing the people of the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave's mission and warns not to interfere with them.
  • During The Waters of Life quest, he may exit the purifier before the door closes, leading to him performing the dialogue looking over his shoulder and being unable to kill Janice, just walking towards the door. This glitch can be solved either by reloading or exiting then entering the room. The latter will cause Autumn to have killed Janice but still be outside the purifier. He will still "die" as normal and can be looted. He cannot be attacked or talked to during this, though an empty dialogue will show up for a short time.


Fallout 3
* Only during Take it Back!
Fallout Shelter

Notable quotes[]


Augustus Autumn appears in Fallout 3, Fallout Shelter, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. He is also mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel and the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

Behind the scenes[]

Fo3 Col Autumn's Uniform Concept Art 1

Early concepts of Colonel Autumn. The left-hand side was noted by Adam Adamowicz as the "Teutonic version".

Colonel Autumn went through several designs, before Adam Adamowicz settled on the "Teutonic" variant. In particular, an early version evoked the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany and seems to be based on Erwin Rommel,[Non-game 6] and Autumn's age also varied from a youthful appearance to an elderly one, with prominent facial creases. His hair style was also originally different, with a military-style undercut.


Fallout 3[]

Concept art
Magic The Gathering

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]


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  39. Sarah Lyons: "You're just going to let him leave like that? I can't believe you, of all people, would show mercy on him. The real kicker is that the boys outside will probably cut him down as soon as he opens the door. Now let's get this place locked down."
    (Sarah Lyons' dialogue) Note: These lines are spoken should Colonel Augustus Autumn have been convinced to just walk away at the conclusion of the quest Take it Back!
  40. The efforts of Scribe Vallincourt.
  41. The events of Broken Steel.
  42. One of the main plots of Fallout 4.


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    In the recent past, the Enclave—the remains of the United States government—were evacuated to an oil rig off the coast of California. Little is known about what happened to these forces, although the country has a new commander-in-chief: President John Henry Eden. However, recent reports and chatter have pinpointed the resurgence of the Enclave, with their base centered on a secure underground facility known as Raven Rock. Initial contact was made there 35 years ago.
    During this time, the new President Eden has been slowly rebuilding his resources, thanks in part to the technology already available at the Raven Rock military base. Vertibirds, weapons, and robots were easy to construct, but human followers were more difficult to find. The answer was to rely on Colonel Autumn, who controls the Enclave soldier forces, as well as creating a propaganda-spewing series of Eyebots sent to roam the Wasteland, spreading hope. Eden could spout his pro-government rhetoric, and promise a return of the pre-war America of legend: a land of white picket fences, baseball, apple pie, and good, old-fashioned American global supremacy.
    President Eden's secretive plan all along has been to rule over an America of the "pure," free from any mutation. He has learned of a ridiculously ambitious experiment known as Project Purity, and knew the time to strike had come: His Enclave forces would "reclaim" the Jefferson Memorial. By controlling the purified water, Eden would control the Capital Wasteland, and the rest of the country eventually. What better way to administer modified F.E.V.- which kills anyone infected with any form of mutation-than through the water supply?"
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  6. See here for comparison (Erwin Rommel - Alamy)
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