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For the various forms of alcohol that appear in the Fallout series, see Alcohol.

Atomic cocktail is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The world model of an atomic cocktail is a novelty drink mixer shaped like a rocket ship, with a black logo and text on one side with the words "atomic cocktail" surrounding an atom. When consumed, the Courier becomes more resistant to fire and energy weapon damage. Sleep is greatly reduced, while Dehydration and Radiation are increased.

The strength of an atomic cocktail effects are determined by the Survival skill and can be triple the listed effects at level 100.

Survival Skill effectEdit

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+30 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +30 Fire Resistance for 2 min+36 Dehydration , -120 Sleep 
20+35 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +35 Fire Resistance for 2 min+42 Dehydration , -140 Sleep 
30+40 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +40 Fire Resistance for 2 min+48 Dehydration , -160 Sleep 
40+45 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +45 Fire Resistance for 2 min+54 Dehydration , -180 Sleep 
50+50 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +50 Fire Resistance for 2 min+60 Dehydration , -200 Sleep 
60+55 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +55 Fire Resistance for 2 min+66 Dehydration , -220 Sleep 
70+60 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +60 Fire Resistance for 2 min+72 Dehydration , -240 Sleep 
80+65 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +65 Fire Resistance for 2 min+78 Dehydration , -260 Sleep 
90+70 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +70 Fire Resistance for 2 min+84 Dehydration , -280 Sleep 
100+75 Energy Resistance for 2 min, +75 Fire Resistance for 2 min+90 Dehydration , -300 Sleep 


This item can be crafted by the player.

Creation requirements

Vodka (1)
Icon range
Icon level
Atomic cocktail (4)


  • Klamath Bob's liquor store - In wooden crate behind store counter. Must be stolen.
  • Occasionally found on dead legionaries.
  • Whittaker farmstead - In the fridge.
  • It seems to appear randomly in refrigerators.
  • Can be bought at various bars and stores.
  • One is won at the Ultra-Luxe upon winning a total 3,750 chips.


  • Prior to patch, atomic cocktails required an additional 1 Nuka-Cola Victory, 1 vodka, and a bottle of wine to craft.
  • The hotkey icon for this item is of food rather than a drink.
  • Despite being an alcoholic beverage, it doesn't have the risk of alcohol addiction or an Intelligence penalty.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The atomic cocktail was an alcoholic drink served (among other places on The Strip) during nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s in Las Vegas' Sky Room, where tourists could view mushroom clouds form at the Nevada proving grounds from a distance. This was a considerable tourist draw from 1951-1963 when Las Vegas was also known as "Atomic City". Las Vegas businessmen had, at the time, a penchant for marketing everything as "atomic". The real-world recipe for the Atomic cocktail is 1½ oz. Vodka, 1½ oz. Brandy, 1/2 oz. Dry Sherry, and 1½ oz. Brut Champagne.
  • "Atomic Cocktail" is also the name of a 1945 song by the Slim Gaillard Quartette, published only five months after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.
  • There was another version of the Atomic Cocktail that actually had radium in it and was served in missile shaped bottles.
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