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Atx bundle blueridge.webp
FO76 Atomic shop logo.pngThe following is based on Atomic Shop content and is not considered canonical.

This page lists all Atomic Shop bundles and item sets.

Free This item is always available for free.
Atom This item is purchasable with Atoms.[1]
Fallout 1st This item was only available to Fallout 1st subscribers and may be considered legacy content.
S.C.O.R.E. This item was only obtainable during a seasonal Scoreboard and may be considered legacy content.
Nuclear Winter battle-royale This item was only obtainable by advancing Overseer Rank within the Nuclear Winter game mode.[2]
Limited-time This item was not purchasable with Atoms, was only available for a limited time and is considered legacy content. These items are not guaranteed to reappear in the Atomic Shop.
Upcoming This item has yet to make its debut in the Atomic Shop and is considered upcoming content. These items may be introduced in a later patch or have recently been added to the live version of the game.
Unused This item has yet to make its debut in the Atomic Shop and is considered unused content. These items are not guaranteed to be released.
Cut content This item will not be released to the Atomic Shop and is considered to be cut content. These items may be introduced in a later patch, but are non-functional in their current form.

Digital upgrades

Twitch Prime Loot:


Atx bundle season02.webp
The Armor Ace Bundle
Armor Ace
You beat the Subjugator with the help of the Power Patrol!
Ace Full Assault Power Armor · Armor Ace Stein · Armor Ace Gameboard · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle aroundappalachia.webp
Around Appalachia Bundle
1500 Atom
Invite everyone to your humble abode after a long day out in Appalachia.
Drifter Outfit · Hunting Lodge Furniture Set · Vault-Tec Cuckoo Clock
Atx bundle free.webp
Atomic Shop Free Item Bundle
Pick up these amazing free items gratis!
Fasnacht Blue Crazy Guy Mask · Ochre Wallpaper · Red Neon Heart Sign
Atx bundle biggamehunter.webp
Big Game Hunter Bundle
Track Them Down with the Big Game Hunter Bundle!
Cooking Stove - Minecart · Hunting Lodge Chair · Hunting Lodge Lamp · Mounted Sheepsquatch Head · Mounted Sheepsquatch Rack · Pallet Wood Floor And Foundations · Pallet Wood Wallpaper
Atx bundle blackcat.webp
Black Cat Bundle
1300 Atom
Make your C.A.M.P. extra spooky this Halloween with the Black Cat Bundle!
Animatronic Black Cat · Skull Candles · Witch's Cauldron Cooking Station · Halloween Sound Effects Box · Laughing Witch Player Icon
Atx bundle blueridge.webp
Blueridge Bundle
1800 Atom
Guard the Blueridge Caravan Company in style with this Blueridge Caravan Trader Bundle!
AKA: Blueridge Caravan Trader Bundle
Blueridge Trader Outfit · Blueridge Power Armor Paint · Blueridge Trader Hat · Blueridge Paint (Lever Action Rifle)
Atx bundle bloodeagle.webp
Blood Eagles Bundle
1200 Atom
Embrace the Blood Eagle way of life with the Blood Eagle Next for your and your C.A.M.P.
Blood Eagle Nest · Eagle Totem · Angry Fist Shake Emote · The Quack Outfit
Atx bundle bloodeaglepa.webp
Blood Eagles Power Armor Bundle
1800 Atom
Become a raider inside and out with the Blood Eagle Power Armor Bundle.
Blood Eagle Power Armor Paint · Pickled Brain · Laser Grid Door · Skull Lord Helmet · Skull Lord War Suit
Atx bundle steelreign.webp
Brotherhood of Steel Bundle
1800 Atom
Build an arsenal that would make the Brotherhood jealous with this Brotherhood of Steel Bundle!
Brotherhood High Tech Stash Box · Brotherhood of Steel Headwraps · Brotherhood of Steel Armory · Steel Reign Power Armor Paint
Atx bundle buckingbrahmin.webp
Bucking Brahmin Bundle
1200 Atom
Ride through the winter with the Bucking Brahmin Bundle!
RobCo Snow Machine · Vault Boy Snow Globe Lamp · Vault-Boy Elf Lawn Gnome · Wasteland Snowman · Mechnanical Bucking Brahmin Ride
Atx bundle brewhaha.webp
Burbling Brew-Haha Bundle
1500 Atom
Get everything featured in the Brew-haha event header!
Fancy Backed Bar Stool · Fancy Bar · Fancy Bar Chair · Fancy Bar Mirror · Fancy Bar Stool · Fancy Round Table · Nukashine Brewing Workbench · Nukashine Hat · Punch Bowl · Vintage Football Helmet · Vintage Football Uniform · White Crocodile Camera Paint
Note: Does not include Fancy Bar Set.
Atx bundle vaultteccamp.webp
C.A.M.P. Bundle
1200 Atom
A bundle from Vault-Tec to build out your C.A.M.P. and make a home out in Appalachia!
AKA: Vault-Tec C.A.M.P. Bundle
Vault-Tec Modern Linoleum Floor and Foundations · Vault-Tec Overstuffed Chair · Vault-Tec Patio Table · Vault-Tec Small Generator · Vault-Tec Stash Box · Vault-Tec String Lights · Vault-Tec Water Purifier
Atx bundle prefabs.webp
Camp Structure Starter Bundle
2000 Atom
This bundle allows you to easily start creating a fantastic C.A.M.P. with these premade structures!
Steel Backwoods Bungalow · Blood Eagle Nest · The Flying Fortress · Makeshift Mega Mansion · Red Rocket Garage
Atx bundle cappystrain.webp
Cappy's Train Bundle
1500 Atom
All aboard the Nuka-Cola express! Pop open a cold one and watch Cappy's favorite refreshment go for a ride in this Nuka-Cola Train Bundle.
Nuka-Cola Curtain Door · Nuka-Cola Power Connectors · Nuka-Cola Train Set · Nuka-Cola Patio Set · Cappy Area Rug · Nuka-Cola Display Rack
Atx bundle classicwestern.webp
Classic Western Bundle
1000 Atom
Saddle up for a gun fight with these classic western selections.
.44 American Paint · Cowboy Hat · Orange Shirt Western Outfit · Single Action Revolver American Paint · Western Duster · Western Revolver American Paint
Score s4 skin powerarmor model commissionerchaos completechaos l.webp
Cold Steel Bundle
Cold Steel
You beat Commissioner Chaos with the help of Armor Ace!
Complete Chaos Power Armor Paint · Cold Steel Gameboard · Complete Chaos Icon · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle collectron.webp
Collectron Bundle
1500 Atom
Got to collect them all with this collection of Collectrons!
Communist Collectron Station · Fasnacht Collectron Station · Raider Collectron Station · Scavenger Collectron Station
Atx bundle comfortsofhome.webp
Comforts of Home Bundle
1500 Atom
Make you home your personal getaway with the Comforts of Home Bundle.
Six Pack Loot Bag · Rustic Room Divider · Mobile Home Trailer · Hot Tub · Red Brick Stucco Walls · Milled Brick Floors
Atx bundle unstoppables01.webp
Comic Bundle
1500 Atom
Nothing beats a good book, a comic book that is!
AKA: Comic Book Bundle
Unstoppables! Stash Box · The Unstoppables! Bed · Hubris Comics Magazine Rack · Hubris Comic Wallpaper · Grognak Plushie · Grognak Tribe Rug · Grognak the Barbarian Poster
Atx bundle comintotown.webp
Comin' to Town Bundle
2000 Atom
Guess who's coming' to town! It's Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their favorite stuffed radstag!
Mr. Claus · Mr. Claus' Beard · Mr. Claus' Hat · Mr. Claus' Suit · Mrs. Claus · Mrs. Claus' Bonnet · Mrs. Claus' Dress · Stuffed Radstag
Atx bundle communistbunker.webp
Communist Bunker Bundle
1000 Atom
Shield yourself from the horrors of capitalism and nuclear blasts with this Communist Bunker Bundle for your C.A.M.P.
Communist Fence · Communist Bunker · Communist Military Safe
Atx bundle communistspy.webp
Communist Spy Bundle
1200 Atom
Infiltrate the opposition and achieve your clandestine goals in the most stylish, Party approved, way possible.
Communist Spy Outfit · Communist Spy Ski Hat · Red Shift Backpack · Red Shift Paint (Pip-Boy)
Atx bundle contemporarycamp.webp
Contemporary C.A.M.P. Bundle
1200 Atom
Enjoy the perks of being an Overseer with the Contemporary C.A.M.P. Bundle.
Appalachian Slate Wallpaper · Bluestone Wallpaper · Contemporary Housing Kit · Contemporary Porch Kit · Contemporary Porch Rails · Dark Cherry Wood Floor and Foundations · Limestone Wallpaper · Red Curtains · Red Long Curtains · Red Wide Curtains · Parquet Wood Floor and Foundations
Atx bundle deepcave.webp
Deep Cave Bundle
1500 Atom
Gear up to dive into some of Appalachia's deepest caves and hunt Scorched with the Deep Cave Hunter Outfit.
Deep Cave Hunter Outfit · Deep Cave Hunter Helmet · Deep Cave Hunter Backpack · Deep Cave Hunter Bow Set · Deep Cave Hunter Pip-Boy Skin · Miner Lunch Pail Loot Bag
Atx bundle downhomecomfort.webp
Down Home Comfort Bundle
1500 Atom
Kick back and relax with the Down Home Comfort Bundle.
Laser Light Duck Shooting Gallery · Deer Head Gun Rack · Jackalope Gun Rack · Horseshoe Gun Rack · Beer Barrel Fridge · Hammock · Brown Hounds Reclining Sofa Chair · Green Hounds Reclining Chair · Powered Lawn Flamingo · Buckaroo Lamp
Atx bundle downhomedweller.webp
Down Home Dweller Bundle
1000 Atom
Tales of Vault Bunyan date back to long before the Great War. Pay your respects to an American classic and his beautiful blue brahmin Babe with is commemorative statue.
Rustic Stash Skin · Steel Backwoods Bungalow · Vault Bunyan with Babe the Blue Brahmin Statue · Wooden Wirespool Table
FO76 Easter bundle.png
Easter Bundle
900 Atom
Get everything featured in the Easter event header!
Easter Bonnet · Innocent Player Icon · Rabbit Plushie · Roadtripper Blouse and Capris · Welcome Friends Lit Sign · Wings
Atx bundle enclave.webp
Enclave Bundle
1800 Atom
Show the strength of the real American Government in the Enclave Bundle.
Enclave Power Armor Station · Enclave Power Armor Paint · Enclave Jetpack · Enclave Military Beret · Enclave Pipboy Skin
Atx bundle escape.webp
The Escape Bundle
Escape from the 42nd Century
Factum Evolutio Velox! You thought you could escape the M.I.N.D.
M.I.N.D. Power Armor · Escape Gameboard · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle everupwards.webp
Ever Upwards Bundle
1500 Atom
Get everything purchasable inside the Ever Upwards featured event!
Well-Traveled Paint (Pip-Boy) · Wood Grain Camera Paint · Pioneer Scout Black Powder Rfile Paint · Pioneer Scout Lever Action Rifle Paint · Antique Globe Lamp · Keep Out Box Backpack · Yellow Paint Vending Machine · Green Paint Vending Machine · White Paint Vending Machine · Blue Paint Vending Machine
Atx bundle fasnacht.webp
Fasnacht Bundle
1500 Atom
Put your best face forward and sing in the parades with this super Fasnacht Bundle.
Fasnacht Red Raven Mask · Fasnacht Green Crazy Guy Mask · Fasnacht Red Deathclaw Mask · Faces of Fasnacht Wallpaper · Faces of Fasnacht Floor and Foundations · Fasnacht Collectron Station · Fasnacht Frog Mask
Atx bundle fasnacht.webp
Fasnacht C.A.M.P. Bundle
1200 Atom
Celebrate Fasnacht at your C.A.M.P. with this Fasnacht C.A.M.P. Bundle!
Faces of Fasnacht Floor and Foundations · Faces of Fasnacht Wallpaper · Fasnacht Collectron Station
Atx bundle fasnacht.webp
Fasnacht Mask Bundle
1200 Atom
Put your best face forward with the Fasnacht Mask Bundle.
Fasnacht Frog Mask · Fasnacht Green Crazy Guy Mask · Fasnacht Red Deathclaw Mask · Fasnacht Red Raven Mask
Atx bundle feralghoul.webp
Feral Ghoul Bundle
1300 Atom
Terrorize friends and neighbors this Halloween with the Feral Ghoul Bundle!
Feral Ghoul Outfit · Feral Ghoul Mask · Spooky Doorbell · Happy Halloween Photomode Frame · Halloween Ghoul Player Icon · Night Terror Gauss Rifle Weapon Skin
Atx bundle firechief.webp
Fire Chief Bundle
1200 Atom
Gear up and get ready to protect the people with the Responders Fire Chief Bundle!
Responders Fire Chief Hat · Responders Fire Chief Underarmor · Responders Fire Chief Uniform · Responders Photomode Frame · Responders Pip-Boy Paint · Responders Rescue Backpack
Atx bundle floorwalker.webp
Floor Walker Bundle
1500 Atom
Let everyone know that what hasn't killed you has only made you stronger with the this outfit, backpack and Broadsider paint!
AKA: Floor Walker Outfit Bundle
Floor Walker Bandana · Floor Walker Eye Patch · Floor Walker Outfit · Floor Walker Backpack · The Stinger
Atx bundle flyboy.webp
Flyboy Bundle
1200 Atom
Conquer the skies with the Flyboy Bundle!
Black Eagle Military Beret · Black Skull Military Beret · Flyboy Emote · Flyboy Helmet · Flyboy Outfit · Green Military Beret · Maroon Military Beret · Parachute Backpack
Atx bundle foundationsettler.webp
Foundation Settler Bundle
2000 Atom
Rebuild the Wasteland for a better future with the Settler Vigilante Power Armor Skin.
Settler Mechanic Hat · Settler Mechanic Outfit · Settler Faction Flag · Settler C.A.M.P. · Settler Stash Box · Garden Truckbed Trailer · Settler Relief Backpack · Settler Traveler Loot Bag · Settler Vigilante Power Armor Paint
Atx bundle futuretec.webp
Future-Tec Bundle
1500 Atom
Visualize a global nuclear exchange and plan your escape routes with the Future-Tec World Globe!
AKA: Future-Tec World Globe Bundle
Double Wide Vault 76 Staircase · Future-Tec Week Flag · Future-Tec World Globe · Small Vault-Tec Prototype Generator · Vault Boy 2000 Cutout · Vault Boy 2000 Desk Lamp · Vault Boy 2000 Plushie · Vault-Tec Flag
Atx bundle garrahanemployee.webp
Garrahan Employee Bundle
1200 Atom
Garrahan - the future of mining in West Virginia.
Makeshift Mega Mansion · Ore Basket Backpack · Garrahan Employee Helmet · Garrahan Employee Outfit
Atx bundle graftonhigh.webp
Grafton High Bundle
September 9 - 15, 2021
Show everyone that you are a true Monsters fan with the Grafton Monster Frame and Bed.
Grafton High Bed · Grafton Monsters Photomode Frame
Atx bundle grahmsgreen.webp
Grahm's Green Bundle
1200 Atom
My brother! Bundle for you!
Super Mutant Backpack · Grahm Plushie · Green Menace Frame · Green Menace Player Icon · Super Mutant Helmet · Super Mutant Outfit
Atx bundle greenthumb.webp
Green Thumb Bundle
1500 Atom
Build your own botanical paradise with the greenhouse dome and collection of plants.
Arranged Potted Succulent · Carnivorous Plant · Daffodil Arrangement · Deathclaw Topiary · Fierce Cactus · Greenhouse Dome · Greenhouse Door · Large Potted Succulent · Photogenic Cactus · Potted Row of Succulents · Sturdy Cactus · Succulent Tier · Tulip Arrangement · Wild Cactus
Atx bundle grelok.webp
Grelok Bundle
1500 Atom
Unlock the dark powers of Grelok and defeat the brute, Grognak!
Grelok Throne · Grelok Outfit · Grelok Sorceror's Staff · Grelok Photomode Frame · Grelok Icon · Grlok Cackle Emote
Atx apparel outfit 1950schef 02 outfit l.webp
Grillmaster's BBQ Bundle
1200 Atom
Just like Grahm, you can host a barbeque and grill for the friends you have made in West Virginia!
Black BBQ Grill · Grillmaster's Hat · Grillmaster's Outfit · Hazmat Meat Cooler Backpack · MEAT Flag · Silver BBQ Grill · Yum Flag
Atx bundle grognakhero.webp
Grognak Hero Bundle
1500 Atom
It's good to be King, and a King you shall be with the Grognak Hero Bundle.
Grognak Battle Mace · Grognak Battlecry · Grognak Hero Icon · King Grognak Headband · King Grognak the Barbarian Costume · King Grognak Throne
Atx bundle halloweencamp.webp
Halloween C.A.M.P. bundle
1300 Atom
Make your C.A.M.P. extra spooky this Halloween with the Halloween C.A.M.P. bundle.
Astonished Jack o'lantern · Evil Jack o'lantern · Vintage Halloween Decor · Hay Bales · Halloween Fog Machine⁴ · Mr. Fuzzy Halloween Plushie · Halloween Paint Vending Machine
Atx bundle halloweendecor.webp
Hallowen Decoration Bundle In-game spelling
700 Atom
Scare away any unwanted guests with the Halloween decoration bundle.
Wraith Scarecrow · Trick Candy Bowl · Squished Witch Halloween Decoration · Vampire Vault Boy
Atx bundle helvetia.webp
Helvetia Bundle
1200 Atom
Celebrate Fasnacht with this Fasnacht themed bundle. A new trickster is in town!
Fasnacht Blissful Buffoon Mask · Fasnacht Devious Demon Mask · Fasnacht Bucking Brahmin Mask · Industrial Street Lamps · Swiss Flower Cart · Swiss Rug
Atx bundle holidaysemote.webp
Holidays Emote Bundle
1200 Atom
A collection of 12 emotes to help you share holiday cheer! Now you can spread joy with your friends, as you spread mayhem in the wasteland. Happy holidays!
Festively Angry · Happy Holidays! · Ho Ho No · Holiday Party! · Nice List · Share the Holidays · Snow Confused · Snowball Fight! · Take a Break · This Way to Joy! · Trapped! · Wreck the Halls!
Atx skin powerarmor paint hotrodredux l.webp
Hotter Rod Bundle
1800 Atom
What's hotter than a hot rod? This Hotter Rod bundle includes paints for your power armor, power armor station, and Pipboy!
Hot Rod Power Armor Station · Hot Rodder Paint · Hotter Rod Power Armor Paint set
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Note: Station paint plan requires the power armor station plan to be learned.
Atx bundle invasionfromthestars.webp
Invasion from the Stars Bundle
1500 Atom
Gear up for a new... Cosmic Adventure with this Captain Cosmos Suit!
Captain Cosmos Suit · Captain Cosmos Helmet · Captain Cosmos Bed · Satellite Dish · Alien Plushie · Untarnished Alien Blaster Paint · The Invader Baton Model
Atx bundle junkyardcamp.webp
Junkyard C.A.M.P. Bundle
1200 Atom
Redefine your C.A.M.P. with things you found from the Junkyard!
Fusion Flea Stashbox · Junkyard Fences · Mothman Cultist Tripod Altar · Rain Barrel Collector
Atx bundle getoffmylawn.webp
Lawn Bundle
1500 Atom
Everything you need to scare away those who get close to your C.A.M.P.!
AKA: Get Off My Lawn! Bundle
Bye Now Emote · Tactical Ops Underarmor · Devil Vault Girl Head · Sheepsquatch Plushie · Mothman Camera Paint · Go Away Neon Sign · No Restroom Neon Sign · No Vacancy Neon Sign · Stay Away Neon Sign · Don't Touch My Stuff Sign · Danger of Death Sign · Warning Alligator! Sign
Score s1 skin powerarmor paint darkmatter l.webp
The Legendary Run Bundle
The Legendary Run
You beat Zorbo in the Legendary Run!
Dark Matter Power Armor · Dark Matter Power Armor Jetpack · Planetarium · Jangles Stein · Captain Cosmos Gameboard · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle leprechaun.webp
Leprechaun Bundle
500 Atom
Ensure no one pinches you this St. Patrick’s Day with the Leprechaun Bundle.
Leprechaun Hat · Pot of Gold Loot Bag
Atx bundle logcabin.webp
Log Cabin Bundle
1500 Atom
Create an idyllic homestead with this Log Cabin Bundle.
Black Ceramic Wallpaper · Communal Fire Pit · Log Cabin · Porcelain Wallpaper · Rustic Watermill · The Ice Box · Vintage Wallpaper · Weathered Wood Wallpaper
Atx bundle logcabinkit.webp
Log Cabin Kit
700 Atom
Find your own personal, rustic peace in Appalachia with the Log Cabin Kit.
Log Cabin Kit · Log Cabin Porch Set
Atx bundle lumberjackoutdoor.webp
Lumberjack Bundle
1500 Atom
Livin' the dream with some refreshin' outdoor buildin'.
AKA: Lumberjack Outdoor Bundle
Treetop Daredevils Outfit · Treetop Daredevils Hat · Log Cabin Kit · Log Table · Log Chairs · Decorative Rock Set
Atx bundle magicoftheseason.webp
The Magic of the Season Bundle
2000 Atom
Experience the magic of the holiday season with this enchanted bundle of items!
Colored String Lights · Elf Boy · Elf Girl · Festive Elf Hat · Festive Elf Outfit · Frostbite Paint · Inflatable Snowman · Snowglobe
Atx bundle missilesilo.webp
Missile Silo Shelter Bundle
2000 Atom
Kickstart your nuclear shelter with the Missile Silo Shelter Bundle!
Red Modular Mainframe Set · Nuclear Missile Silo Shelter · Elevator Secret Door
Atx bundle mobboss.webp
Mob Boss Bundle
1000 Atom
Refined and sleek, this outfit will make you feel like a million bucks. And that’s the last thing your rivals will feel when they hear Lucilles Lullaby.
Lucille's Lullaby · Mobster Fedora · Mobster Outfit
Atx bundle cultofthemothmancamp.webp
Mothman Cultist Bundle
1500 Atom
Show the Mothman you are one the truest of believers with this Mothman cultist C.A.M.P. bundle.
Masked Antlers Statue · Mothman Cult Effigy · Mothman Cultist Bed · Mothman Cultist Candle Torch · Mothman Cultist Ceiling Light · Mothman Cultist Chair · Mothman Cultist Desk Lamp · Mothman Cultist Side Table · Mothman Cultist Tree Trunk Altar · Mothman Cultist Waxen Torch · Mothman Cultist Wicker Torch · Smoke Machine · Towering Might · Twisted Roots Statue · Wicker Skull Statue · Wreathed Horns
Atx bundle mothmanhunter.webp
Mothman Hunter Bundle
1200 Atom
The Mothman exists, and you're going to prove it. Track down the legendary Mothman with the Mothman Festival Hunter Bundle!
AKA: Mothman Festival Hunter Bundle
Mothman Hunter Outfit · Burning Torch Paint (Super Sledge) · Mothman Worship Emote · I Survived Frame · Creepy Mothman Player Icon
Atx bundle mothmanoutfit.webp
Mothman Outfit Bundle
1500 Atom
Unleash your inner Mothman with this collection of Masks and Paints.
Alien Mothman Mask · Metal Mothman Mask · Mothman Paint (Pip-Boy) · Cultist Bone Headpiece · Cultist Bone Hood · Mothman Power Armor Paint Set · Red Mothman Headlamp (T-Series)
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only; Mothman Masks are not power armor helmet skins.
Atx bundle mothmantraveler.webp
Mothman Traveler Bundle
1200 Atom
Travel around Appalachia in Mothman Style with the Mothman Traveler Bundle!
Mothman Plushie Backpack · Mothman Gasmask · Mothman Jetpack · Two Mothman themed wallpapers · Mothman Cultist Icon
Atx bundle newyears.webp
New Year's Eve Bundle
1200 Atom
Chime in the New Year with this festive bundle.
Gala Tuxedo and Hat Set · Gala Dress · Rifle Drill Emote · Vault-Tec Grandfather Clock
Atx bundle nuclearwinterpose.webp
Nuclear Winter Pose Bundle
400 Atom
A collection of all new Photo Mode poses for your adventures in the wasteland!
The Champ Pose · Confidence Pose · Gunslinger Pose · Point-to-the-Sky Pose · Thinking Pose
FO76 Atomic Shop - Nuka-Cola Bundle.png
Nuka-Cola Bundle
1200 Atom
The greatest soft drink Icon, brought home to your C.A.M.P.
AKA: Nuka-Cola Secret Door Bundle
Pristine Nuka-Cola Vending Machine · Nuka-Cola Vending Machine Secret Door · Nuka Cola Metal Stairs · Nuka Girl Signs · Nuka-Cola Projection Lamp · Nuka-Cola Jumpsuit · Nuka-Cola Cherry Jumpsuit · Nuka-Cola Quantum Jumpsuit · Nuka-Cola Dark Jumpsuit
Atx bundle oldtimeydiner.webp
Ole Timey Diner Bundle
1200 Atom
Candy, flowers, and hearts are all perfect gifts for your special someone!
Gumball Machine Planter · Barbershop Pole Light · Heart-Shaped Geode · Corvega Diner Seat · Hubcap Flowers Set · Wheel Flowers Set
Atx bundle parade.webp
Parade Bundle
1000 Atom
Be ready for the Fourth Of July Parade with this bundle!
Fourth of July Parade Hat · Fourth of July Parade Outfit · Patriotic Paint (The Fixer) · Fourth of July Frame · 4th of July Player Icon · Rocket Ceiling Fan
Atx bundle wavywillardswimsuits.webp
Park Swim Trunks
1500 Atom
Relax in your C.A.M.P. with these Wavy Willard's inspired Swimsuits and C.A.M.P. Items!
AKA: Wavy Willard's Swim Trunks
Wavy Willard's Swimsuit · Wavy Willard's Swim Trunks · Wavy Willard Stone Walls · Lazy River Floor and Foundations · Wavy Willard's Fake Boulder Set · Wavy Willard's Letters Set
Atx bundle playtime02.webp
Playtime Bundle
1500 Atom
For the times you want to unleash your inner child - as a force of destruction, and then sit back in your C.A.M.P. to play with your toys!
Toys Stash Box · Racecar Bed · Playtime Power Armor Paint Set · Mr. Pebbles Plushie · Mr. Pebbles Lamp
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle plushie.webp
Plushie C.A.M.P. Bundle
1200 Atom
Do you love plushies? Because they love you! Liven up your C.A.M.P. or Shelter with this Plushie Bundle!
Sheepsquatch Plushie · Wavy Willard Plushie · Rabbit Plushie · Mr. Pebbles Plushie · Alien Plushie · Vault Boy 2000 Plushie · Silver Shroud Plushie · Grognak Plushie
Atx playericon prideprogress l.webp
Pride Flag Icon Bundle
June 2021
Celebrate with the Pride Flag Icon Bundle!
Pride Progress Player Icon · Asexual Pride Player Icon · Bisexual Pride Player Icon · Genderfluid/flexible Pride Player Icon · Genderqueer Pride Player Icon · Intersex Pride Player Icon · Lesbian Pride Player Icon · Non-binary Pride Player Icon · Pansexual Pride Player Icon · Transgender Pride Player Icon
Atx bundle raiderwaster.webp
Raider Waster Bundle
1800 Atom
Suit up with this Raider themed bundle to conquer the wasteland!
Gold 50 Cal Nachine Gun Paint · Raider Salute Emote · Raider Waster Flag A · Raider Waster Flag B · Raider Waster Player Icon · Raider Waster Outfit · Raider Waster Underarmor · Waster Paint (Pip-Boy) · Waster Power Armor Skin · Waster Tire Backpack
Atx bundle redmenace.webp
Red Menace Bundle
1800 Atom
Declare your commitment to the Communist takeover with the Red Menace Outfit Bundle.
AKA: Red Menace Outfit Bundle
Communist Skin (Handmade Rifle) · Red Menace Stash Box · Communist Militant Outfit · Communist Militant Hat · Red Menace Backpack · Red Menace Paint · Red Menace Flag 2 · Red Menace Flag 1 · Communist Star Player Icon
Atx bundle redrocketmega.webp
Red Rocket Mega Bundle
1200 Atom
Blast-off tonight with this Red Rocket Mega Bundle!
Red Rocket Mega Sign · Rolling Red Rocket Door · Red Rocket Bed · Red Rocket Paint · Red Rocket Jumpsuit
Atx bundle redrocketmegafurniture.webp
Red Rocket Mega Furniture Bundle
1200 Atom
Turn your CAMPIn-game spelling into a Red Rocket Service Station with these Red-Hot items!
Red Rocket Bar Set · Red Rocket Bar Stools · Red Rocket Bistro Table · Red Rocket Booth · Red Rocket Cooler · Red Rocket Diner Table · Red Rocket Lamp · Red Rocket Stairs
Atx bundle ranger.webp
Red Rocket Ranger Bundle
1800 Atom
Fuel up your Power armor for Blast off with the Red Rocket Ranger Bundle!
Red Rocket Ranger Jet Pack · Red Rocket Ranger Power Armor Paint · Red Rocket Power Armor Station
Atx bundle repairandscrapkit.webp
Repair & Scrap Kit Bundle
1000 Atom
A bundle of 20 Basic Repair Kits and 20 Scrap Kits! A Basic Repair Kit can be used to repair any Armor, Weapon or Power Armor. Repairs can even be done right in the field! And when you can't make it back to your C.A.M.P., a Scrap Kit can scrap all your junk and then send it directly to your stash!
Basic Repair Kit (x20) · Scrap Kit (x20)
Atx bundle responders.webp
Responders Bundle
1200 Atom
Answer the call and save the Wasteland with the Responders C.A.M.P. Bundle!
AKA: Responders C.A.M.P. Bundle / Responders Rescue Bundle
Blue Responders Flag · Klaxon Wall Light · Order of the Crossed Axes Decoration · Responders Armor Workbench · Responders Fire Breathers Flag · Responders Plywood Signs · Responders Power Armor Station · Responders Red Player Icon · Responders Weapon Workbench · White Responders Flag
FO76 Atomic Shop - Revolutionary Free States Faction Bundle.png
Revolutionary Bundle
1800 Atom
A bundle for a Revolutionary like no other!
AKA: Revolutionary Free States Faction Bundle
Blue Truckbed Trailer · Blue Truckbed Trailer with Junk · Free States Paint (Combat Shotgun) · Free States Paint Vending Machine · Free States Revolutionary Player Icon · Free States Revolutionary Flag - Black · Free States Revolutionary Flag - Blue · Free States Revolutionary Helmet · Free States Revolutionary Jetpack · Free States Revolutionary Outfit · Free States Salute · Free States Truckbed Trailer · Free States Truckbed Trailer with Junk · Red Truckbed Trailer · Red Truckbed Trailer with Junk · Revolutionary Paint · Revolutionary Power Armor Paint Det
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle robber.webp
Robber Halloween Bundle
1300 Atom
Get ready for Halloween and prepare to Trick your fellow wastelanders by robbing them blind!
The Robber Costume, Underarmor, Mask and Hat · Jail Wall Kit · Plasma Ball Set · Halloween Cutout Set · Halloween Bat Lights
Atx bundle leprechaun.webp
St. Patrick's Day Bundle
1500 Atom
Ensure no one pinches you this St. Patrick's Day with the Leprechaun Bundle.
Pot of Gold Loot Bag · Vault-Boy Leper'chaun Outfit · Vault-Boy Leprechaun Outfit · Vault-Boy Leper'chaun Head · Vault-Boy Leprechaun Head
Atx bundle santasslay.webp
Santa's Slay Power Armor Bundle
1500 Atom
Survive the holiday season with the Santa's Slay Power Armor Bundle.
Santa's Slay Power Armor Paint · Rotating Color Wheel Lamp · Majestic Santa Throne · Stocking Set
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle raiderscabber.webp
Scabber Raider Bundle
1800 Atom
Scrap, steal, and survive in the wasteland with this Scabber Raider Bundle!
Raider Scabber Flag A · Raider Scabber Flag B · Raider Scabber Icon · Raider Scabber Outfit · Scabber Mask · Scabber Paint (Handmade Rifle) · Scabber Paint (Pip-Boy) · Scabber Power Armor Skin · Scabber Tire Backpack
Atx bundle season03.webp
The Scribe of Avalon Bundle
The Scribe of Avalon
You unlocked the eternal secrets of the Scribe of Avalon!
Vertiguard Power Armor · Scribe of Avalon Gameboard · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle sharethelovecamp.webp
Share the Love Bundle
1200 Atom
Display your love for science and a fine trophy at the same time with this exclusive Scorchbeast Heart Specimen Capsule!
Cupids Wallpaper · Heart Balloons · Mr. Fuzzy Valentine's Day Plushie · Nuclear Hearts Wallpaper · Pink Neon Heart Sign · Scorchbeast Heart Specimen Capsule⁴ · Smitten Vault Boy Wallpaper · Stripes and Hearts Wallpaper · Valentine's Day Megasloth Rug
Atx bundle shearterror.webp
Shear Terror Bundle
1200 Atom
Get everything featured in the Shear Terror event!
Deathclaw Pelt Rug · Hunter Safety Paint · Hunter Safety Hats · Baaaad News Billy Headwear · Hunter Safety Vests · Baaaad News Billy Outfit
Atx camp structure vaultcatwalk l.webp
Shelter Catwalk Bundle
1500 Atom
Put safety first in your shelter with the Catwalk Bundle!
Vault Catwalk · Utility Wall Shelf · Illuminated Vault Signs · Carpeteria Abstraite Floor and Foundations · Carpeteria Checkers Floor and Foundations · Carpeteria Purpler Ferns Floor and Foundations · Carpeteria Tiles Floor and Foundations · Circle Fluorescent Light · Long Fluorescent Light
Atx bundle sheltermainframe.webp
Shelters Mainframe Bundle
1500 Atom
Every Shelter needs some computing power. Get yours now with the Shelters Mainframe Bundle!
Modular Mainframe Set · Vault-Tec Locker Bay · Carpeteria Deco Set · Vault Lamp Set · Artificial Tree · Deck Fans
Atx bundle slocumsjoecamp.webp
Slocum's Joe C.A.M.P. Bundle
1500 Atom
Turn your C.A.M.P. into the ultimate Slocum’s Joe diner with the Slocum’s Joe C.A.M.P. Bundle!
Black Diner Floor · Red Diner Floor · Slocum’s Bar Stools · Slocum’s Cup of Joe Neon Sign · Slocum’s Diner Bar Set · Slocum’s Good Morning Mural · Slocum’s Good Evening Mural · Slocum’s Joe Diner Wallpaper · Slocum Joe Vending Station · Slocum’s Joe Wall Clock · Train Car
Atx bundle sports.webp
Sports Bundle
1200 Atom
Play Ball! Be prepared to play your favorite sports withe this collection!
Wiffle Bat Skin (Baseball Bat) · Bowling Ball Loot Bag · Stanley (Grognak Axe) · Sports Nostalgia Frame · Umpire of the Apocalypse Outfit · Umpire of the Apocalypse Mask · Flatwoods 'Green' Monster Wallpaper · Sports Nostalgia Wallpaper
Atx bundle springcleaning.webp
Spring Bundle
1500 Atom
Spring is here and it is time to spruce up your C.A.M.P. with the Spring C.A.M.P. Bundle.
AKA: Spring C.A.M.P. Bundle
Asbestos Tile Roof Set · Brambles · Fall Elm Trees · Mushroom Lamp · Nuclear Waste Barrel Planter · Red Turret Pack · Summer Elm Trees · Winter Elm Trees
FO76 Atomic Shop - Starlet Sniper Bundle.png
Starlet Sniper Bundle
1500 Atom
One shot, one kill.
Starlet Sniper outfit · Starlet Sniper hat · Starlet Sniper skin (lever action rifle)
FO76 Atomic Shop - Stars and Stripes Outfit Bundle.png
Stars and Stripes Outfit Bundle
1200 Atom
Be the star of the evening festivities with this Stars and Stripes Outfit Bundle.
Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Hat · Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Outfit · Hootenanny Overalls · Stars and Stripes Ops Suit · Stars and Stripes Dress · Stars and Stripes Headband
Atx bundle freestatessurvivalist.webp
Survivalist Bundle
1800 Atom
Survive the wasteland and help build your own Free State with this Faction Bundle!
AKA: Survivalist Free State Bundle
Free States - Camp sign · Free States - Go Away sign · Free States - No Entry sign · Free States - No Entry wall sign · Free States - Outpost wall sign · Free States Restricted Area sign · Free States - Unauthorized Area sign · Free States paint (10mm submachine gun) · Free States Survivalist bandana · Free States Survivalist flag - black · Free States Survivalist flag - white · Free States Survivalist hat · Free States Survivalist icon · Free States Survivalist outfit · Free States Survivalist jetpack · Green Free States backpack · Survivalist paint (Pip-Boy) · Survivalist power armor paint set · Tan Free States backpack
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle tricentennial.webp
Tricentennial Bundle
2000 Atom
Salute America with the Tricentennial Bundle!
Patriotic Uncle Sam Outfit · Vault Boy Patriot Head · Tricentennial Power Armor Paint Set · Tricentennial 10mm Paint · Tricentennial Hatchet Paint · Tricentennial Laser Gun Paint · Commemorative Tricentennial Frame · Tricentennial Salute · Tricentennial Posters
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle season06.webp
The Unstoppables! Bundle
The Unstoppables! vs The Diabolicals
When the Unstoppables! team up, no amount of Diabolicals can stop them!
Diabolical Power Armor Paint · Unstoppables! Gameboard · Catarax Icon · 500 Atoms
Atx bundle unstoppables.webp
The Unstoppables! Outfit Bundle
1400 Atom
Who can stop this Unstoppables Outfit Bundle?!
Grognak the Barbarian Costume · Manta Man Costume · The Inspector Costume · The Silver Shroud Costume
FO76 Atomic Shop - Trailblazer Free States Faction Bundle.png
Trailblazer Bundle
2800 Atom
Have the best of both the Survivalists and the Revolutionaries with this Bundle.
Includes EVERYTHING in the SurivalistIn-game spelling and Revolutionary Free State Bundles and an exclusive Trailblazer Free States Flag.

AKA: Trailblazer Free States Faction Bundle
Blue truckbed trailer · Blue truckbed trailer with junk · Free States - Camp sign · Free States - Go Away sign · Free States - No Entry sign · Free States - No Entry wall sign · Free States - Outpost wall sign · Free States - Restricted Area sign · Free States - Unauthorized Area sign · Free States paint (10mm submachine gun) · Free States paint (combat shotgun) · Free States paint vending machine · Free States Revolutionary player icon · Free States Revolutionary flag - black · Free States Revolutionary flag - blue · Free States Revolutionary helmet · Free States Revolutionary jetpack · Free States Revolutionary outfit · Free States salute · Free States Survivalist bandana · Free States Survivalist flag - black · Free States Survivalist flag - white · Free States Survivalist hat · Free States Survivalist icon · Free States Survivalist outfit · Free States Survivalist jetpack · Free States Trailblazer flag - gold · Free States truckbed trailer · Free States truckbed trailer with junk · Green Free States backpack · Red truckbed trailer · Red truckbed trailer with junk · Revolutionary paint · Revolutionary power armor paint set · Survivalist paint (Pip-Boy) · Survivalist power armor paint set · Tan Free States backpack
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle vaulttecstarter.webp
Vault-Tec Bundle
1500 Atom
A bundle from Vault-Tec to help start you out on your adventure to reclaim the wasteland!
AKA: Vault-Tec Starter Bundle
Vault-Tec combat armor paint · Vault-Tec hunting rifle paint · Vault-Tec laser paint paint · Vault-Tec leather armor paint · Vault-Tec metal armor paint · Vault-Tec paint · Vault-Tec paint (Fat Man) · Vault-Tec short suit · Vault-Tec suit
Atx apparel outfit vaulttecbomberjacket l.webp
Vault-Tec Bomber Jacket Bundle
1000 Atom
Fly the (un)friendly skies with this officially branded bomber jacket from your friends at Vault-Tec and this set of flight helmets.
Brown flight helmet · Red flight helmet · Vault-Tec bomber jacket · Yellow flight helmet
Atx bundle vaulttecshelterstarter.webp
Vault-Tec Shelter Bundle
1500 Atom
An officially branded starter kit perfrect for customzing your new Shelter from your friends at Vault-Tec.In-game spelling
AKA: Vault-Tec Shelter Starter Bundle
Vault-Tec Cross Linoleum Floor and Foundations · Vault-Tec Overstuffed Chair · Small Vault-Tec Prototype Generator · Vault-Tec Cuckoo Clock · Vault-Tec Modern Linoleum Floor and Foundations · Vault-Tec Official Weapons Workbench
Atx bundle wavywillardslide.webp
Water Slide Bundle
1500 Atom
Make a big splash in your C.A.M.P. sliding down the Wavy Willard's Wipeout Bundle!
AKA: Wavy Willard's Wipeout Bundle
Blue and Green Tile Floor and Foundations · Wavy Willard's Deck Lounger · Wavy Willard's Round Deck Table · Wavy Willard's Inner Tube Deck Chair · Wavy Willard's Wipeout
Atx bundle westvirginiaday.webp
West Virginia Outfit Bundle
1000 Atom
Celebrate this truly great state with these West Virginia outfits.
Black Bear Mascot Head · Black Bear Mascot Outfit · Country Girl Underarmor · Mountaineer Outfit
Atx bundle westernbar.webp
Western Bar Bundle
1500 Atom
Tipsy Tom wants to help fortify the residents of Appalachia against the daily dangers. Make sure to ask for extra peanuts!
Tipsy Tom Vending Machine · Western Bar Modular Set · Western Bar Stool · Wall Mounted Fish · Standing Fish · Fox Weather Vane · Rooster Weather Vane · Goat Weather Vane · Windmill Ceiling Fan · Wood Saloon Door
Atx bundle wildappalachiacamo.webp
Wild Appalachia Camouflage Bundle
1500 Atom
Those who blend into their environment best, survive the wasteland longest!
Camouflage combat armor paint · Camouflage hunting rifle paint · Camouflage leather armor paint · Camouflage metal armor paint · Camouflage suit · Camouflage short suit · Tactical paint · Wasteland Walker power armor paint set
Note: T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 only.
Atx bundle wildappalachiapose.webp
Wild Appalachia Pose Bundle
300 Atom
A collection of Photo Mode poses for your adventures in the wasteland!
Heroic Pose · Pip-Boy Pose · Ready Pose · Sitting Pose · Thumbs Up Pose · Walking Pose · Wave Pose
Atx apparel outfit western 05 duster l.webp
Wild Wild West Virginia Bundle
1000 Atom
Hopefully this Wild Wild West Virginia bundle helps you settle into Appalachia in mint condition.
Cowboy Hat · Western Duster · Wooden Inlay Lever Action Rifle Paint
Atx bundle whitespringresort.webp
Whitespring Resort Bundle
1500 Atom
Bring a bit of the luxury of the Whitespring Resort to your own home!
Striped Window Awnings · Golf Cart Ride · Whitesprings Floor Set · Whitesprings Wallpaper Set · Kirby Head Art Deco Bust Set · Orgatronic Deluxe, Fancy Performance Stage · ???

Item sets

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Apparel sets
Atx apparel outfit sheepsquatchmascot black full l.webp
Baaaad News Billy Outfit
800 Atom
Channel your inner dirt baaaag and stir-up all kinds of trouble with the Baaaad News Billy outfit!
Baaaad News Billy headwear · Baaaad News Billy outfit
Atx apparel outfit wvday bear l.webp
Black Bear Mascot Outfit
700 Atom
Dress up as West Virginia's state animal with the black bear mascot outfit.
Black bear mascot head · Black bear mascot outfit
Atx apparel headwear bloodeaglemerc charmer2 l.webp
Blood Eagle Charmer Helmets
Unused content
This Blood Eagle Charmer helmet really ties together the complete Blood Eagle Raider ensemble!
Blood Eagle Charmer Hat · Blood Eagle Charmer Helmet
Atx apparel outfit blueridgetrader l.webp
Blueridge Trader Outfit
700 Atom
Join the Blueridge Caravan Company with this authentic trader inspired outfit.
Blueridge Trader Outfit · Blueridge Trader Hat
Atx bundle antlers.webp
Bone and Felt Antler Headbands
700 Atom
Someone took the idea of wearable holiday antlers a BIT too far...
Bone Antler Headband · Felt Antler Headband
Score s1 apparel outfit captaincosmos blue l.webp
Captain Cosmos Suit Bundle
The Legendary Run
Gear up for a new... Cosmic Adventure with these Captain Cosmos Suits!
Blue Captain Cosmos Suit · Green Captain Cosmos Suit · Pink Captain Cosmos Suit
Atx apparel outfit caravantrader l.webp
Caravan Trader Outfit
900 Atom
Look your best while selling your wares across the Wasteland.
Caravan Trader Hat · Caravan Trader Outfit
Atx apparel outfit clown l.webp
Clown Suit
600 Atom
Whoever said clowns aren't scary didn't see you wearing this running at them! Who's laughing now?!
Clean Clown Hat · Clean Clown Suit
Atx apparel outfit cryptidenthusiastsuitset l.webp
Cryptid Enthusiast Suit
700 Atom
Cryptids have taken over Appalachia. Go find them with this enthusiast suit.
Cryptid Enthusiast Hat · Cryptid Enthusiast Suit
Atx apparel headwear cultistheadpiece l.webp
Cultist bone headpiece set
500 Atom
Show you are one with the cult with these bone-chilling headpieces.
Cultist Bone Headpiece · Cultist Bone Hood
Atx apparel outfit americandaredevil l.webp
Daredevil bodysuit
1600 Atom
This bodysuit is guaranteed* to protect against fire, radiation, dismemberment and being forgotten. · *Not actually guaranteed.
Daredevil Bodysuit · Daredevil's Helmet
Atx bundle eyepatch.webp
Eye Patch Bundle
300 Atom
Show allegiance and dedication on how you proved your mettle with this bundle of seven Eye Patches.
Enclave eye patch · Eye patch · Eyeball eye patch · FreestatesIn-game spelling eye patch · Pink heart eye patch · Raider skull eye patch · Responders eye patch
Atx apparel headwear flighthelmet l.webp
Flight Helmet Set
500 Atom
Take to the skies with these sleek flight helmets.
Brown Flight Helmet · Red Flight Gelmet · Yellow Flight Helmet
Atx bundle floorwalker02.webp
Floor Walker Outfit
700 Atom
Let everyone know that what hasn't killed you has only made you stronger with the Floor Walker Outfit!
Floor Walker Outfit · Floor Walker Bandana · Floor Walker Eyepatch
Atx apparel outfit fishingoutfit l.webp
Fly-Fishing Outfit
800 Atom
The bass might not be biting, but this fly-fishing outfit is perfect for hooking those mirelurks.
Fly-Fishing Hat · Fly-Fishing Outfit
Atx apparel outfit flyboy l.webp
Flyboy Outfit
800 Atom
Take to the skies with the Flyboy Outfit and Headwear.
Flyboy Helmet · Flyboy Outfit
Atx bundle gagglasses.webp
Gag Glasses Bundle
300 Atom

3D Glasses · Eye Boggle Glasses · Mothman Glasses
Atx apparel outfit gala tuxedo l.webp
Gala Tuxedo
800 Atom
Dress up for a fabulous night out in the Wasteland with this beautiful Gala Tuxedo and Gala Hat.
Gala Tuxedo · Gala Tuxedo Hat
Atx apparel outfit gladiator l.webp
Gladiator Outfit
900 Atom
Suit up for battle in the arena and watch out for any rogue lions.
Gladiator Helmet · Gladiator Outfit
Atx apparel outfit graftonmonstermascot l.webp