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The Atomic Shop is the microtransaction store for spending Atoms (Atom) in Fallout 76.


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The Atomic Shop is a microtransaction store which offers cosmetics, C.A.M.P. objects and more in exchange for a special currency called Atoms. Most purchases are unlocked account-wide, and may be accessed by any character on the account. Some objects require an in-game plan to be learned in order to gain access, while other items are only unlocked for a single, specified character. All exclusive items are character-bound, and cannot be dropped or traded with other players. The Atomic Shop is accessible at any time from the main menu, as well as the pause screen after leaving Vault 76 for the first time.

Available content[]

Atx apparel outfit flyboy l
Atx bundle grelok
Atx camp floordecor planter flowers tulips l
AS Emote Mothman1
Atx playericon communist liberator l
Atx photomode pose lotus l
Atx skin backpack responders rescue l
Atx playerstyle hair f acidrain l
Atx utility repairkit scraptostash 6pack l
Fallout 76 seasons
Fallout 1st
Fallout 1st


Almost all purchases are made using Atoms (Atom), which may either be earned by completing challenges, the scoreboard or purchased with real-money transactions. In the table below, the $12.99 USD and $99.99 USD conversion rates are in reference to Fallout 1st, which has monthly and yearly subscription options respectively. If the monthly subscription is bought, roughly $156 USD would need to be spent for the year. This means that the yearly subscription only costs roughly 64% of the monthly subscriptions cost per year.

Real money to Atoms conversion rate
Atoms US$ Atoms/US$ £ Atoms/£ Atoms/€ CA$ Atoms/CA$ AU$ Atoms/AU$
500 5.00 100 3.99 125.3133 4.99 100.2004 6.49 77.0416 7.95 62.8931
1100 10.00 110 7.99 137.6721 9.99 110.1101 12.99 84.6805 14.95 73.5786
2400 20.00 120 15.99 150.0938 19.99 120.06 24.99 96.0384 29.95 80.1336
5000 40.00 125 31.99 156.2988 39.99 125.0313 49.99 100.02 59.95 83.4028
1650 12.99 127.0208 11.99 137.6147
19800 99.99 198.0198 99.99 198.0198


Free This item is always available for free.
Limited-time Free This item was temporarily available for free.
Atom This item is purchasable with Atoms.[note 1]
Fallout 1st This item was only available to Fallout 1st subscribers and may be considered legacy content.
S.C.O.R.E. This item was only obtainable during a seasonal Scoreboard and may be considered legacy content.
Nuclear Winter battle-royale This item was only obtainable by advancing Overseer Rank within the Nuclear Winter game mode.[note 2]
Limited-time This item was not purchasable with Atoms, was only available for a limited time and is considered legacy content. These items are not guaranteed to reappear in the Atomic Shop.
Upcoming This item has yet to make its debut in the Atomic Shop and is considered upcoming content. These items may be introduced in a later patch or have recently been added to the live version of the game.
Unused This item has yet to make its debut in the Atomic Shop and is considered unused content. These items are not guaranteed to be released.
Cut content This item will not be released to the Atomic Shop and is considered to be cut content. These items may be introduced in a later patch, but are non-functional in their current form.


  • The canon status of content from the Atomic Shop was discussed by Design Director Emil Pagliarulo in August 2020. Pagliarulo stated that the status of many purchasable objects in the shop do not strictly confine to established lore and canon, as the internal rules for what can be placed in the Atomic Shop are very loose. Some items may have conflicting status within the lore, but are placed in the Atomic Shop because of their "fun factor."[Non-game 1]
  • Patch introduced special Vault Boy cut-outs to all train stations, which served as in-game Atomic Shop access points. After negative community feedback, they were removed in the following patch. They were still available in the Nuclear Winter game mode until its discontinuation on September 8, 2021.
  1. Atom: This includes items currently available as well as those which have been temporarily "Vaulted".
    If no price is listed, then it either:
  2. Nuclear Winter: Following the removal of Nuclear Winter, certain items were made obtainable in-game. The plans for these items will not drop if the account had already unlocked the item in Nuclear Winter, and they are no longer unlocked account-wide. For a list of the rewards made available and where to obtain them, click here.


Message of the day[]

The messages of the day are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen upon logging in. They are automatically resized to 500 by 300 pixels, a little larger than the base resolution. The following gallery uses resized images, the base resolution remains available at the following category.

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  1. Fallout 76: Is the Atomic Shop or Creation Club considered canon?:
    Emil Pagliarulo: "Atomic Shop is a lot...we found that Atomic Shop tends to not be canon so much, it's a lot looser. Just because it's, y'know, stuff that you purchase or use Atoms get into your game that is, like... there's a big fun factor there. There's a lot of stuff in Atomic Shop that we could take out because it's not strictly Fallout canon, and then players would be bummed. Because it's in a live multiplayer game, you... it's always a judgement call, it's tough. There's a lot of stuff that's... the canon rules are a lot lighter with the Atomic Shop stuff. Because we want people to have what they want and just have fun."
    Note: This video is an excerpt from a longer interview at Gamescom 2020.
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