Atomic Mining Services (also known as "Automated Mining Services"/AMS) is a pre-War mining company found in Appalachia.


Atomic Mining Services was the self-proclaimed "industry leader in alternative drilling operations throughout Appalachia." Their alternative drilling operations involved using nuclear explosives in order to mine areas deeper than traditional methods provided. They also were in a partnership with Hornwright Industrial and RobCo Industries to create Watoga, the "city of the future." Behind the scenes, however, Atomic Mining Services involved themselves in subjugating companies like Hornwright Industrial with the discovery of a material known as Ultracite, a super-fuel substance that could be used in various ways. With this discovery, Atomic Mining Services set about to seek contracts with the biggest companies of Appalachia, namely Hornwright Industrial and Garrahan Mining. Through Penelope Hornwright's history with the company, licence agreements were made to make Ultracite the fuel of the future for both companies. Two such methods were in making Ultracite reactors for the Excavator power armor in exchange for Garrahan making a decade-long commitment to using AMS-technology only. Hornwright also partnered with Atomic Mining Services in order to create the Auto-miner robot. Unfortunately, Ultracite disposal and mining were difficult processes, the worst of which occurring in the town of Welch, resulting in AMS sending armed guards to seal off the area.[1]


There appear to be several instances within Fallout 76 where the company's name conflicts in its fully written out form. Some documents and terminals refer to the company as 'Atomic Mining Services', while others, such as the automated voice in the lobby of the AMS corporate headquarters, refer to it as 'Automated Mining Services'.


Atomic Mining Services appears only in Fallout 76.


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