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With the Atomic! perk, you are 25% faster and stronger whenever you're basking in the warm glow of radiation. Outside irradiated areas, your Action Points (AP) regenerate faster and faster the higher your level of radiation sickness becomes.— in-game description

Atomic! is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Taking this perk grants the ability to regenerate Action Points while having a specific threshold amount of rads, increased with every higher threshold reached up to a maximum of x1.5. Additionally, when standing around an irradiated zone that inflicts rads constantly, movement and attack speed are temporarily increased by a factor of x1.25 as well as granting temporary bonuses of +2 Damage Threshold and Strength.

The specific thresholds of radiation sickness and the regeneration multiplier they grant are:

  • Minor (200-400) - x1.1 AP regen
  • Advanced (400-600) - x1.2 AP regen
  • Critical (600-800) - x1.33 AP regen
  • Deadly (800-999) - x1.5 AP regen


  • When eating foods that inflict rads for longer than one second (such as coyote meat), the perk will activate. Eating multiple coyote steaks will stack the rads duration, giving the player character a lengthy speed boost if many are consumed. The speed bonus functions even if over-encumbered, allowing a boost to quickly reach a vendor if one also has Long Haul.
    • The speed boost applies to fast traveling as well, stacking the perk with Travel Light results in significantly reduced hunger, thirst and elapsed time when fast traveling under and over carry weight. For this reason eating irradiated foods with an effect longer than one second, or using player housing with continuous rads outside the door (Hell's Motel) can be beneficial.
  • The perk pairs well with Rad Child since both perks share the same threshold amounts for their respective effects, as well as the Nerves of Steel perk which grants a permanent 20% increase to AP regeneration itself.
  • Like with Rad Child, if one is attempting to maintain a stable rads count at the Deadly threshold, attacks from enemies that can inflict rads (e.g. glowing ones and golden geckos) can push their rads count closer to the 1,000-rads fatal threshold.