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Atom Cats jacket and jeans is an obtainable outfit that appears in Fallout 4 and appears to be a Greaser jacket modified with the Atom Cats logo on the back.


The Atom Cats jacket and jeans appear as a Perfecto leather jacket with an Atom Cats patch on the back, worn over a faded T-shirt, along with jeans and worn white sneakers.`



  • Purchasable from an unnamed trader, in a small unmarked shack filled with cats and cat paintings, southeast of Walden Pond.
  • Found on dead members of the Atom Cats.
  • Given to the player after defending the Atom Cats.


  • This outfit allows leg armor to be equipped with it.
  • It is an elite item for Luck-based characters, but undershirt & jeans allows for more armor items prior to ballistic weave.
  • Using the Mk. V ballistic weave mod on this outfit will give a remarkable damage resistances, up to a maximum of 110/115. Ballistic weave is available from Tinker Tom after doing the first DIA cache mission for P.A.M. at the Railroad HQ.
  • The outfit is highly reminiscent of the typical attire of a "Greaser" from the 50's and early to mid 60's.