The asylum worker uniforms and asylum worker hats are a set of outfits in Fallout 76.


The asylum worker uniform is a collared button up dress worn by pre-War asylum workers. It features short sleeves, three pockets and a logo on the chest. The outfit also includes a pair of white lace-up shoes.

The uniform is available in several different colors, which include blue, brown, forest, green, pink, red, white and yellow.


  • Several can be found inside Fort Defiance, reflecting its former life as Allegheny Asylum. The clean, colored variants can only be found as rare spawns on the 3rd floor of the north wing, either in the restroom on the benches across from the stalls, or on the beds in the rooms used as barracks. The hats can be a little more common, as there are several fixed spawn points for many of the clean, colored variants all around the building, along with a random spawn in the restroom on the 3rd floor, and on a metal crate across from exiting the elevator on the 3rd floor, though there is a chance to find the Tin foil hat instead of an asylum uniform hat.
    • However, due to the rarity of the clean, colored variants of the dresses, it may take several tries through jumping between servers before finding one and claiming it before another player character does. This is because upon being claimed, the spawns do not reset for at least 24 hours.
  • Both the hats and dresses drop with very low probability from events in the Cranberry Bog.



Icon pc.png The Asylum worker hat (white) is not recognized by the game for challenges that require the player to wear a complete asylum uniform and hat, due to having been assigned a wrong keyword in the data files.

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