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Astoundingly Awesome Tales was a pulp-style magazine written before the Great War.


Standard edition

Astoundingly Awesome Tales collage.png

A pulp magazine series featuring science fiction stories, covering topics such as mutants, monsters, and Zetans. The cover art for the magazine depicts imagery from each issue, highlighting the "astounding" tale. Reading an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales will give the player character a unique bonus.

The Atomic Chronicles of K.D. Inkwell

Atomic Chronicles of KD Inkwell.png

A volume-by-volume compilation of various chronicles describing the adventures of a time-travelling historian, Alistair, and the scribe Cynnoc. Such complications include Volume 101: The Scribe of Avalon.[1]

Behind the scenes

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The name of the magazine is a take on pulp science-fiction/fantasy/adventure magazines such as Amazing Stories and Weird Tales.

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