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Killing their Centurion and leadership would be a start, but finding a way to permanently shut down that dock is what we really need.

First Sergeant Astor[1] is a soldier in the New California Republic Army, previously stationed at Camp Searchlight. In 2281, he can be found patrolling west of the camp with a small squad of troopers.


First Sergeant Astor is a senior non-commissioned officer in the NCR Army, who was stationed at Camp Searchlight. Astor was on patrol when recruit legionaries irradiated the camp.[2] While the rest of the camp was either killed or transformed into feral trooper ghouls, Astor and the handful of soldiers who had been on patrol with him when the attack happened were spared. Astor voluntarily stayed in the area to keep watch and warn others away from the radioactive, ruined town, accompanied by surviving soldiers of the garrison at Searchlight.[3]

His log gives indications that despite his attempts to look out for his soldiers and the situation that they are in, Astor blames himself for the destruction of the rest of the Searchlight garrison. It also indicates that Astor's morale is lower than he admits.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • If the Courier assists First Sergeant Astor and his soldiers by killing their feral ghoul comrades and takes action against the Legion garrison at Cottonwood Cove, Astor's morale will see a boost. The latter can include planting a bug in the Cottonwood Cove radio room, opening a trailer of radioactive waste and giving Cottonwood Cove the same fate as Camp Searchlight—a form of retaliation which Astor will approve of—or simply assaulting Cottonwood Cove and wiping out the Legion garrison there.


  • We Will All Go Together: Astor will ask the Courier to help him put his feral comrades out of their misery, which he cannot bring himself to do.
  • Eye for an Eye: He is also very upset over Searchlight's destruction, and with the Courier's help he will orchestrate a plan to exact vengeance on the Legion camp at Cottonwood Cove.



Each member of Astor's squad carries a pair of NCR armors, as opposed to a typical NCR trooper who only carries the armor they are wearing.

Notable quotes


First Sergeant Astor appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When asking Astor about Private Edwards, Astor will say a rabid dog needs to be put out of its misery, but no further dialogue options will occur. To save Private Edwards, you must not take his dogtag (the 10th and final dog tag) by force or by the Speech check. You must clear out the giant radscorpions that spawn outside his home, inform Edwards, and then talk to Astor about Private Edwards. In doing so, after Astor says a rabid dog needs to be put down, you can then assure Astor that Edwards "Is not feral." You can then ask Astor where he recommends Edwards go, or convince Astor to accept him into his camp by passing a Speech Check of 50 or having 7+ Intelligence. Finally, return to Edwards and tell him the good news. If Edwards goes where Astor recommended or is accepted back in Astor's unit, you receive good Karma and Edwards rewards you with a few caps and drops his dogtags for you to pick up. [verified]


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