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Associations and organizations are composed of individuals that have joined together for a common cause, both before and after the Great War.


This term is used for any formal association that is not a company or brand and where faction or business are not indicative of their roles.



Name Focus Location
Anaheim Jets Football team Anaheim, United States
Animal Friends and Defenders Animal rights activism United States
Arlington Dental Foundation Health care Arlington, Virginia
Associated Miner's Union Labor union Appalachia
Bar Harbor Bowling League Sports club Bar Harbor, Maine
Boston Baseball Commission‎ Administration Boston, Massachusetts
BADTFL Government agency United States
Boston Police Department Law enforcement Boston, Massachusetts
Boylston Club Social club Boston, Massachusetts
Capital Congressmen Baseball team Washington, D.C.
Civil Defense Administration Government agency United States
Clarksburg Shooting Club Recreational club Clarksburg, West Virginia
Clear Skies Alliance Environmental protections Appalachia
Commonwealth Defense Administration Defense and Military United States
Concord Parks and Recreation Department Civic Concord
Construction Workers Union Labor union Washington, D.C.
Delta Sigma Fraternal organization Morgantown, West Virginia
Delta Tau Epsilon Fraternal organization Morgantown, West Virginia
Department of the Interior Federal department Washington, D.C.
Department of the Treasury Federal department Washington, D.C.
Electrical Hobbyist's Club Hobby club Natick Banks, Massachusetts
Eta Psi Epsilon Tau Fraternal organization Morgantown, West Virginia
Fraternal Post 115 Fraternal organization Cambridge, Massachusetts
Freedom Society Historic preservation Boston, Massachusetts
General Accounting Office Government agency Washington, D.C.
Greater Appalachian Association for Bird Watchers and Bird Watching Enthusiasts Nature club Appalachia
Grognak's Lil' Heathens Fan Club Fan club United States
Grognak Authenticity Society Media group United States
Little Rock Saints Football team Little Rock,United States
Last Cabinet of the U.S. Government agency Washington, D.C.
Maintenance Service Union Labor union Washington, D.C.
Marion County Sheriff's Department Law enforcement West Virginia
Massachusetts School District Education administration Massachusetts
Medicinal Spirit Association[1] Alcohol Unknown
Metro Theater Group Entertainment Washington, D.C.
Nahant Sherrif's Department Law enforcement Nahant, Massachusetts
Nahant Oceanological Society Preservation Nahant, Massachusetts
Natick Police Department Law enforcement Natick, Massachusetts
NATO Peacekeeping cooperative International
Pi Kappa Mu Fraternal organization Morgantown, West Virginia
Pioneer Scouts Recreational organization Appalachia
Pittsburgh Department of Public Works Civic organization Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Heritage Society Preservation Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Political Office Government agency Washington, D.C.
Quaere Verum Shadow organization United States
Roxbury food bank Aid organization Roxbury, Massachusettes
Sierra Madre security Security force Sierra Madre Casino & Resort
Society for the Preservation of Historical Recreations Preservation Prickett's Fort, West Virginia
South Boston Police Department Law enforcement South Boston
Strategic Air Command Government agency Appalachia
Truckers' Union Union Las Vegas, Nevada
Post Office Department Government agency United States
Truth Seekers Cryptids Lewisburg, West Virginia
West Virginia School Board Accrediting body West Virginia
West Virginia School District Education administration West Virginia
Zeta Xi Theta Fraternal organization Morgantown, West Virginia
Name Designation Location
108th Infantry Battalion United States Armed Forces Anchorage
82nd Airborne Division United States Armed Forces United States
8063rd United States Armed Forces Sierra Army Depot


Name Focus Location
Capitol Preservation Society Preservation of American history Rivet City, Capital Wasteland
Nuka-Cola fan club Nuka-Cola Corporation Girdershade, Capital Wasteland
Union of Atomic Workers Technological preservation United States


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