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For an overview of assault rifle models, see assault rifle.

This AK-112 assault rifle has an extended, military sized, ammunition magazine. The expanded magazine capacity makes it more fun than ever to Spray-and-Pray.

The AK-112 assault rifle expanded magazine is a small gun in Fallout 2.


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The AK-112 assault rifle[1] is a military assault rifle. The AK-112 was in service during the early 21st century but was replaced by more modern models. Chambered for the 5mm round, it utilizes a 24-round magazine. The AK-112 was eventually considered aged and was no longer in use prior to the Great War.[1]


Every assault rifle can be upgraded with an expanded magazine at various locations, increasing the magazine capacity to 100 rounds. This eliminates the only downside of the burst mode, the low ammunition capacity, allowing firing a full 12 and a half bursts before having to reload.

If upgrading, it is a good idea to unload the weapon before the upgrading process, as the upgrading comes with extra ammunition free of charge.



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