I have this... "problem" down South in NCR. This fella, Westin, has a big mouth that needs to be shut... permanently. Half a grand, easy money.John Bishop

Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder is a quest in Fallout 2 obtained from John Bishop in New Reno after completing Deliver Moore's briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno.

Before making the decision to go through with the quest, make sure you are done with all the quests Roger Westin might be involved in.


Head to the Westin Ranch in NCR. To get in you must speak with the Sheriff of NCR and ask him for "Honest Work" opportunities. He will then point you towards the ranch. Alternatively, if your intelligence is under 5, the guard will allow you in, saying Westin has a "soft spot for people like you." This can also be done with an Intelligence of up to 7 by taking Mentats and waiting for withdrawal to temporarily lower your Intelligence level by 3 points.

Roger Westin is a fairly old man and due to this chems like jet, Buffout, psycho or a super stimpak can be used to trigger a heart attack and have him die without it seeming like a murder. You can also use poison from Doc Jubilee's house.

A sneak kill will not live up to Bishop's expectations and when speaking to him again, he will be hostile. Planting explosives on Westin, however, will result in it looking like an accident but not trigger Bishop's anger.

If you talk to Westin before hand and say "Bishop sent me", Westin will offer you double what you say Bishop offered you, if you kill Bishop instead. However, this does not count as an official quest, and does not show up in the Pip-Boy. It does, however, count as a solution to the "Assassinate Westin" quest, and that quest is crossed off if you accept Westin's offer and kill Bishop as asked.


If the Chosen One speaks to John Bishop several times, they will be insulted and initiate combat.

  • The player character can sneak to avoid this.
  • If the raider mercenaries have been defeated, John Bishop will remain neutral, but will not give the Chosen One cash, as Bishop somehow knows they killed them.


If one manages to persuade Bishop to grant a bigger price (A high Barter skill or Intelligence 8), namely 750, the Chosen One will eventually receive 1000 dollars. [verified]