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Ask the Ciphers to process ZAX's raw data was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


Zax the supercomputer is having difficulty calculating the spread of the plague because it is old and a lot of its processing power is gone. The player character can help Zax out by bringing the data to the Ciphers, one of the few places in the wasteland that has any hope of processing the complex information.[1]


The Mesa Verde design document gives only one way to complete the quest.[1]

Character type completion breakdown

Science Boy, Stealth Boy, Combat Boy, Charisma Boy - It's a fetch quest, so all the PC needs to do is bring the equation to the Ciphers.

Journal Entry

1 ZAX_EQUATION = 0 // PC doesn't have Zax's equation.
2 ZAX_EQUATION = 1 // PC has Zax's equation, and it's not solved.
3 ZAX_EQUATION = 2 // PC gave the Ciphers Zax's equation, and they solved it.
4Quest finishedZAX_EQUATION = 3 // PC returned to Zax with the solved equation.