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Ashur's power armor is a stylized variant of the T-45d power armor owned by Ashur, the leader of the Pitt raiders.


Through years of misuse, makeshift repairs, scarcity of materials, and constant use, it is a rusty, highly stylized suit of power armor. The left arm of the suit was replaced with the sleeve and glove of the raider iconoclast armor, a brahmin skull substituted for the left pauldron, an icon of a skull strapped to the codpiece, and various bits and pieces of metal were used to patch holes in the structure of it.


The following is a comparison of Ashur's power armor and the tribal power armor.

Name DR Weight Effects
Tribal power armor 35 40 LK +1, ST +1, AG -1, AP +15, Melee Weapons +5
Ashur's power armor 40 45 LK +1, ST +1, AG -1, CH +1, Radiation Resistance +10


This suit of armor is only worn by Ashur. He can be looted of it at the end of Free Labor, or by reverse-pickpocketing any well-repaired suit of power armor and taking it from him once he equips the new armor. It can also be taken without repercussions toward Pitt raiders by hacking the Mk V turret's control terminal, with 75 Science required.


  • Speaking to Midea or Wernher while wearing this prompts them to compliment on how good the Lone Wanderer's new "trophy" looks.
  • If the Lone Wanderer sides with Ashur during the final quest and lets Midea live and enters a conversation with her while wearing the power armor, regardless of how it was obtained, she will remark that the Wanderer has replaced Ashur completely, and [they] are just the same as "the old boss."
  • When worn, in the "EFF" section of the character's stats, the armor shows up as "Pitt power armor" rather than "Ashur's power armor."
  • This armor is similar to the Scorched Sierra power armor from Lonesome Road since both of these armors are modified versions of T-45d power armor and have a missing armor plate on the shoulder.
  • Ashur's power armor displays a raider iconoclast armor icon when the item is viewed in the Pip-Boy.