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An ash blossom is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


An ash blossom is the flower of a Commonwealth plant that grows almost exclusively in heavily irradiated bodies of water. This plant is nearly identical to the melon blossom plant found elsewhere in the Commonwealth, but with ash-colored vines and ash-purple flowers.

Statistically, ash blossoms are identical to melon blossoms, providing the exact same health restoration and radiation penalty. However, ash blossoms are the only plant which grows within the irradiated expanse of the Glowing Sea, and thus are the only viable food option available to the Sole Survivor if they run low on other provisions.


In Survival mode, it is used to craft herbal antimicrobial and herbal stimulant.



Ash blossoms cannot be purchased or looted from NPCs or containers, and can only be obtained from one source, the plant itself. A total of 99 ash blossom plants can be found throughout the Commonwealth.

  • Two ash blossom plants can be found growing in a small inlet across the river almost due south from Cambridge Polymer Labs. Unlike the plants found in the Glowing Sea, these plants are found growing on the rocks of the shore, rather than in the water itself. These are the only ash blossom plants found outside of the Glowing Sea.
  • Best source of these are in the two large pools between the Hopesmarch Pentecostal church and the capsized factory where the eastern one produced twelve and the western one, eight.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) Three ash blossom plants can be found in a pool next to a tipped giant Nuka-Cola bottle, right outside the northeast entrance of Nuka-Town USA where Fizztop Mountain is located.


  • This item is affected by the Wasteland Survival Guide issue #3, instead giving 15 HP over 10s.
  • Ash blossoms cannot be bought from vendors.
  • Ash blossoms cannot be planted at settlements.
  • Ash blossoms use the same 3D model as wild melon blossom, with the same scaling, differing only in coloration.