Artful Pocketer is an achievement and trophy and challenge in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Courier must pickpocket 50 pockets.


Grants 50 XP and the Artful Pocketer achievement upon completion.


  • This achievement can be obtained by pickpocketing 50 items on a single or multiple characters. In order to count toward the achievement, items must be selected and removed individually, and the inventory has to be closed after each theft.
  • Pickpocketing items that have no value, such as ammunition cases with a price of 0 caps, will not count towards the achievement.
  • Reverse pickpocketing does not contribute to this achievement.

Behind the scenesEdit

Artful Pocketer is a reference to The Artful Dodger, a skilled pickpocket in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.


Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When pickpocketing ammunition cases, the "pick" is not counted, does not count towards the challenge and achievement, and your Karma will not be adjusted. You can take it freely as if it wasn't owned. [verified]

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