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Art Knapp is a farmer in Appalachia. He is visiting Fort Atlas to request an exchange with the Brotherhood of Steel, trading his crops for protection.


Art is a local farmer whose family has been living off the land for generations. He claimed a small patch of land[3] as people began to return to Appalachia;[1] however, his farm is being plagued by thieving Crater Raiders.[4] After hearing that the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force had set up at Fort Atlas, Art arrived at their base to try and trade some of his exta crops for protection. Previously, Art heard stories of Taggerdy's Brotherhood "taking things from folks" for the cause, so he wants to make sure that he does not suffer the same fate as those who had their livelihood taken by the Brotherhood. If this new Brotherhood was "on our side," as they claim to be, he sees it as only fair that they would protect local farmers.[5]

Art has, until recently, been in contact with his niece, Cassie Halloway. She had been writing him letters, with the most recent explaining how she was traveling to Appalachia with a Blue Ridge caravan.[2] He grew worried when she didn't arrive, and would eventually ask the Brotherhood for assistance in locating her.[6]

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  • Forging Trust: Art is one of four civilians inside Fort Atlas, each with their own problems and requests for the Brotherhood of Steel. Knight Shin asks that the player character interview these civilians, though ultimately Shin discards Art's request. Shin sees no reason to establish such a trade with a local farmer, as he is not willing to spare the men to protect Art's farm in exchange for some measly crops.
  • Out of the Blue: Art asks the Brotherhood for assistance in locating his niece, Cassie Halloway, and suggests that they investigate Blue Ridge Caravan Company.


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Art Knapp appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


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    Leila Rahmani: "Right, Ms. Halloway apparently paid the Blue Ridge Caravan Company to transport her to Appalachia. It would appear she never arrived. However, the people Mr. Knapp spoke with at Blue Ridge claim she was never a client to begin with."
    Art Knapp: "'Cept thems damn liars. I got letters from Cassie. She spells them out, plain as day. 'I'm travelin' with Blue Ridge something or other.'"
    Leila Rahmani: "Right. All caught up, Initiate?"
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  3. Vault Dweller: "What is it you do?"
    Art Knapp: "Farming, such as it is. Got a patch ain't barely more than scald, but it's mine and I manage."
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    Art Knapp: "Got seed in the ground right now. I ain't yet seen a Raider willing to scrabble in the soil for seeds, so I reckon it'll get by 'til I'm back."
    (Art Knapp's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "I was asked to find out what you wanted from the Brotherhood."
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  6. Leila Rahmani: "Mr. Knapp. here has come to us with another missing persons case."
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    Leila Rahmani: "The Blue Ridge Caravan Company."
    (Leila Rahmani's and Art Knapp's dialogue)