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The Army fatigues and Army helmet are an outfit set in Fallout 76.


This outfit consists of olive drab fatigues and combat boots worn over a white crewneck shirt. When equipped, Army fatigues will be worn over the player character's equipped armor.


Army fatigues
Army helmet
  • Three can be found at the campsite near Devil's Backbone.
  • Two at Firebase Hancock - In a trailer and on the rampart next to a Brotherhood corpse.
  • One can be found at Appalachian Antiques, in a wooden shelf, underneath a large 'Sale' sign, to the left, on the third row from the top.
  • Found near the skeleton of a deceased Army soldier along the road from Flatwoods to Relay tower EM-B1-27.
  • Found in a cell inside of Fort Defiance
  • Found in the main building at Camp McClintock.
  • Found in a portable toilet at Camp McClintock, next to a skeleton and frag grenade.
  • Found at Morgantown Airport, at the southeastern corner near the quarantine area, in a shack overlooking the river, on top of cinderblocks.
  • One can be found in a glass display case on the fourth floor of the Shadowbreeze Apartments.
  • Found next to a skeleton in the office area of Black Mountain Ordnance Works.
  • Found in the bus outside the Whitespring bunker.
  • One can be found at the wendigo cave - Inside a side room past the first waterfall area, near the body of an army soldier.
Dirty Army fatigues
Dirty Army helmet
  • One can be found occasionally at Appalachian Antiques, in the middle of the store's ground floor near the front counter, in a wooden shelf, on the right, on the lowest row.
  • One can be found behind the church in Flatwoods, on top of a gravemarker post.
  • One can be obtained from the uniform dispenser at Camp McClintock.
  • Can be found near the lockers in the Whitespring bunker.
  • One can be found at the Ranger district office on one stretcher opposite of a second stretcher with a dead beaver.