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|location =
|location =
|given by =
|given by =
|reward =[[Fallout Shelter junk items|junk]]<br />[[Fallout Shelter weapons|weapons]]<br />[[Fallout Shelter outfits|outfits]]<br />[[Theme recipe fragment]]<br />[[Bottle cap (Fallout Shelter)|Bottle caps]]
|reward =[[Fallout Shelter junk items|Junk]]<br />[[Fallout Shelter weapons|Weapons]]<br />[[Fallout Shelter outfits|Outfits]]<br />[[Theme recipe fragment]]<br />[[Bottle cap (Fallout Shelter)|Bottle caps]]
|previous =
|previous =
|leads to =
|leads to =

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FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online and some details might contradict canon.
The gunsmith's plea came in loud and clear over the radio. “Feral Ghouls! Help! I'll give one of my best pieces to whoever bails me out!” Better hurry if you're going to claim that prize!

Arms Race is a single-stage overseer quest in Fallout Shelter.


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Opening dialogue Dweller response Character response
That was close! I guess you heard my message, huh?

Well, as promised, I've got a weapon for you.
Or would you prefer Caps instead?

The weapon, please. Sure thing!
The Caps will be fine. Of course.

Quest stages

1 Travel to designated location.
2 Eliminate the Feral Ghouls.
3Icon checkClaim your reward.


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