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Armpit at your service. What can I do for ya? You want a drink? Let's see some caps, soldier.

Armpit (real name Arnold) is a bartender and sole proprietor of the Atomic Diner in the town of Carbon, Texas in 2208.


His real name is Arnold, but one day someone called him Armpit and it stuck. In terms of his bartending business, he is willing to pay money for scorpion tails in order to establish production of radscorpion liqueur.[1] He is certain he can turn their venom into a brew that will make him a rich man.

He is rescued by the player character when the local raiders show up in Carbon to cause problems in his bar.

When the player character returns to Carbon after a fight with the mayor, Richard, they see Carbon in flames, attacked by the raiders who were enraged at the townsfolk for the deaths of their men in the bar. Jane, the raider matron, confronts Armpit, but he is unable to talk himself out of trouble, so she orders one of her raiders, armed with a flamethrower, to kill him. Being burned, but still living, Armpit had an opportunity to say his final goodbye to the Initiate.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Kill Drunken Raiders: This quest is assigned by Ruby and concludes when the raiders in the bar have been killed and Armpit is spoken to.
  • Collect Radscorpion Tails: Armpit requests the Initiate find him radscorpion tails.
  • Town Under Attack: With his dying breath, Armpit requests the Initiate to help the townspeople by killing the raiders.

Other interactions[]

  • When Armpit is dying, if the player asks him if he wants to buy radscorpion tails instead of telling him they're going to find a doctor in the warehouse, the player will receive the radscorpion liquor recipe. This option is only available if enough tails are given to him during Collect Radscorpion Tails.
  • If the player does not ask for the recipe, Armpit mentions he is afraid to die alone and tries to get the Initiate to stay by telling them a sexual joke about a ghoul being hung, but he dies before he can finish.


Armpit appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.



  1. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Manual p.31: "Armpit
    The bartender of Carbon’s only standing bar, his real name is Arnold, but somehow this became Armpit and the name stuck - the worst part is that he’s proud of it. Armpit is a slovenly opportunist who’s right at home in the postapocalyptic world. Filthy, obese, and dressed in shoddy clothing, it almost seems like he enjoys lawlessness and chaos a little too much, "