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For the vehicle in Fallout Tactics, see Armored personnel carrier.

The armored vehicle was an infantry fighting vehicle of the United States Armed Forces before the war. It appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


The unnamed armored vehicle is a six-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a turret mounted gun and two forward mounted guns. The vehicle's main gun appears to be very heavy for its class, perhaps equivalent to a light tank gun, such as a 75mm or 105mm weapon, presumably intended to provide heavy fire support for dismounting troops. It has a cramped passenger compartment in the rear. According to a sign located on the rear wall to the left side of the hatch, power armor units were required to stand at all times during transit.


Fallout 4Edit

Fallout 76Edit


  • Some loot can usually be found in or around these vehicles. This includes stimpaks, weapons (dependent on player level) and other items.
  • There are unique NPC idle animations that are used with this vehicle. These can be observed by going to any checkpoint where they are found after at least one recurring defense quest is completed. Any surviving allies can be observed apparently restoring or salvaging the vehicles.
  • The APC contains a design flaw with the frontal turrets known as a shot trap. Rather than being deflected, shots striking the indented zones from the front may be guided into the turret socket, potentially disabling it.


The armored vehicle appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


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