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The armored Vault 13 jumpsuit is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas. It is available to those who pre-ordered the Classic Pack from EB Games, GameStop and GAME. Alternatively, the add-on Courier's Stash which contains all of the pre-order packs can be purchased, or buying the Ultimate Edition which includes all add-ons.


A Vault 13 jumpsuit studded with piecemeal leather armor, this outfit pays homage to the legendary Vault Dweller and their adventures through the wasteland. Additionally, it is very similar to the armored Vault jumpsuit obtained in Moira Brown's shop in Megaton in Fallout 3, except the armored Vault 13 jumpsuit covers the right hand with a black glove. The armored Vault 13 jumpsuit is light armor but can be repaired using combat armor and reinforced combat armor.



Name DT WG Durability Value Armor class Effects
Combat armor 15 25 400 6500 Medium armor None
Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit 8 15 100 70 Light armor None


Originally, the only way to acquire this armor was by redeeming the code that came with the pre-order exclusive Classic Pack. It can now also be acquired by purchasing the add-on Courier's Stash.


  • Compared to the Vault Dweller’s jumpsuit and armor seen in the ending for Fallout, the armored jumpsuit has undergone some changes. Leather reinforcements were added to the right knee, thigh, and upper arm, and the right arm was sewn back up. Gloves and new boots were also added.
  • The '13' sign on the back of the suit is much smaller compared to the original version in Fallout, and the top curve of the three isn't straight.