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For the flooded metro west of Arlington Library, see flooded metro.


Arlington/Wasteland Metro and in the Pip-Boy as Flooded Metro, is a Blue Line Metro station located south of Wilhelm's Wharf.



This metro station is typical in appearance. Sometimes super mutants or scavengers will appear outside.


The metro is relatively small with a linear design, and no branching corridors.

The lobby to this station is so badly damaged that the rest of the station proper is inaccessible. The only passage through is a service tunnel, leading directly to the Metro Station in Arlington Cemetery North.

Just across from the flickering Nuka Cola machine, there is an Eat'o'tronic 3000, containing a Stimpak as well as food items. Inside the first room are two usable beds and a first aid kit. Beyond the room with the beds you will find a feral ghoul and door leading to the service tunnels. After traveling through hallways, you will come to a second room containing a feral ghoul. The door at the far end of this room leads to another hallway, which will take you to the door to Arlington National Cemetery.


  • There is a bear trap located inside the station at the bottom of the ramp.
  • A blood trail can be followed from the bear trap to the first room in the service tunnel. Here you will find a skeletal corpse, perhaps the remains of the bear trap's victim.
  • Two feral ghouls wander the area.
  • On the local map, it shows up as Arlington/Wasteland Metro. However, the world map states flooded metro. This is the "fake" flooded metro. The "real" flooded metro does not lead to Arlington Cemetery. It is south-southeast of Red Racer factory, and west by southwest of Alexandria Arms.


Arlington/Wasteland Metro appears only in Fallout 3.