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Thank goodness, you are finally here! Those dreadful savages have captured the mayor. She's being held in the large house in front of us. That building contains the warning siren for the town. If that siren sounds, the Beastlords have threatened to kill all of their hostages! Understand that you must free Hillary first. As mayor, she's the only one with the key to disable the siren. But be careful, there are at least two savages in the same room with her

Arlene Turling is a citizen of Quincy in 2197.


Arlene Turling is a young woman in her early twenties. She was raised by Hillary Eastwood, the town's mayor, after her own parents died. Now she is the mayor's secretary, assistant, and the best friend of Evita Eastwood, the mayor's daughter. Arlene was tutored by Hillary and shares similar speaking traits. Both have good English and speak clearly.

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When the town was invaded by the Beastlords, Arlene was the one to wait for the squad of Brotherhood of Steel. When they came, she informed them of the location of the mayor, and revealed that the key to the successful liberation of the town is deactivating the sirens.


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Arlene Turling appears only in Fallout Tactics.