Arlen Glass is a ghoul living in The Slog in 2287.


Arlen Glass was the lead toy designer for Wilson Atomatoys shortly before the Great War. He served nearly thirty years for the company, working alongside George Wilson to build the company on the hope of providing a better future for children through imagination and dreams.[1] When George retired, his son Marc Wilson took over as the new president and CEO of Wilson Atomatoys. Shortly after taking up the position, Wilson had submitted a bid and gained approval to participate in the SCYTHE project, ultimately cutting toy production by more than half to manufacture landmines for the military.[2] On October 22, 2077 Glass was terminated from his employment after calling Marc Wilson out at a board meeting with Col. Thomas Nelson,[3] and was escorted from the premises three times throughout the day and once the following day, about an hour before the bombs fell.[4]

He had a daughter and a wife, both of whom died after the bombs destroyed their home. When Arlen arrived, he saw that there was only a hole where his home had been. In despair, he went to the center of the crater and went to sleep. After he awoke, he had become a ghoul.

Arlen presumably came to The Slog in order to escape persecution due to his status as a ghoul. He acts as The Slog's mechanic by doing tasks such as checking the plumbing, fixing the pool filters, and patching up the fence. He is working on a personal project: constructing his original technical work, a Giddyup Buttercup.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character starts quests.

Giddyup 'n Go


Giddyup 'n Go - Arlen asks the Sole Survivor to travel to the Wilson Atomatoys factory and recover spare parts for a project he is working on. If asked for a reward, he'll offer a base payment of 150 caps and can be pushed into offering 225 or 300 caps with some speech checks. A third reward speech check, if passed, will give a Wilson Atomatoys ID card, used in the quest.

Other interactionsEdit

If the Sole Survivor takes Marlene's holotape from Arlen's office at Atomatoys HQ, a new dialogue option will be unlocked that allows the Sole Survivor to give him the tape and caps will be given as a reward, as well as a unique version of the Giddyup Buttercup toy called Buttercup toy.



  • If the player chooses to give him the toy parts, they may find the completed toy along with Arlen's note several days later. The note says, "For a child who needs it. -Arlen Glass". It is currently unknown if this will spawn anywhere else, although it most likely appears as a random location. A possible location is just southwest of the Boston mayoral shelter.
  • He can be killed and usually ends up in this state during and after the quest Defend The Slog.
  • If the player character has already visited the Atomatoys HQ (but is not carrying the parts) they can simply tell Arlen where to find the parts he needs. Arlen will then give caps and will leave a completed Giddyup Buttercup toy some time later.
  • If the player gives Arlen the holotape from his daughter, he will leave The Slog and wander the Commonwealth. Wiseman will thank the Sole Survivor, as he doesn't know what the Sole Survivor did, but will mention that Arlen finally made peace with his past, and left. Arlen can still be seen occasionally at the Cambridge crater.


Arlen Glass appears only in Fallout 4.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone If the initial interaction with him is interrupted, it may cause him to no longer speak with the Sole Survivor, but just say "Hmmm..." to any attempt at conversation, making it impossible to start his quest. Killing and resurrecting with use of the console does not fix this.[verified]

  • This can be fixed with the console command setstage DN154 20.


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