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The Arktos Pharma biome lab is a section of Arktos Pharma in Appalachia in 2102.


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This underground location can be reached by simply entering the right-hand elevator behind the reception desk at Arktos Pharma. It is recommended for Level 50+ player characters, as the Project Paradise event that occurs here is a top level event that requires plenty of firepower to survive. The underground habitats are organized around a central, multi-tiered hub that houses the central feeder pump and the governing intelligence that carries the project out.

There are three habitats, A (Forest), B (Tundra), and C (Swamp). Each contains a feeder pump and offers an open space with several turrets, natural obstacles, and robot caretakers. These are typically top-level enemies, so plan accordingly. The security door located in the lower level utility area leads to the generator and laboratory room, and requires the player to collect three code fragments (Biome lab: Code fragment A, B, and C) or simply typing the following number in: 970930.

Notable lootEdit


The Arktos Pharma biome lab appears only in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Arktos Pharma biome lab was added with Patch 9.5.
  • Alexander Burback was the principle environment artist on this location, and was responsible for the layout, world building and lighting, among other aspects.[1]
  • The door code 970930 is the date the original Fallout was released: September 30th, 1997.



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