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This is a transcript for dialogue with Aries.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
9 0056EFB3 00581EE7 I... Okay, that's embarrassing. I was just hoping to... Flustered
12 00573E52 00581EF5 Very true. There are things far more deadly than a gang of would-be bandits in those hills. Trust me on that one.
19 00573E54 00581F11 Do any other routes see this much action?
35 00573E5B 00581F00 Okay, let's see what these sneaky little eaglets have waiting for us...
49 00573E62 00581EEF Here they come! Watch the rear, we're surrounded. We have to hold out until we can get an opening. In combat
50 Don't let those Brahmin out of your sight! in combat
55 00573E64 00581ED4 Do you feel that? A steady tremble from the dark. They approach.
66 00573E67 00581EFC We're not out of the woods yet. We just killed one of their captains. They're going to get a little... vengeful.
74 00573E6B 00581EF9 Bastards. They closed the gate. The button is above us, but looks like they're holed in there pretty good.
75 Tough guy up top looks like their boss. Let's pay him our respects and get that gate open.
84 00573E6D 00581ED8 Hm. Blockade ahead. What are they playing at. Leave the clean-up to me. You just watch for ambushes.
90 00573E6F 00581F08 It's always kill or be killed with Blood Eagles. Can't even give them an inch.
92 00573E70 00574FF5 And you're lounging around making jokes? Stand ready for a fight! Second part is more of a callout to the entire team
93 00574FF6 Okay, stay sharp. Everyone hold position.
110 00573E76 00574FD7 Don't know what you're talking about, Rudy, keep up.
118 00573E78 00574FAA Protect the Brahmin at all costs. Even at the sake of your own, or Rudy's, life. If we lose the Brahmin, we lose our pay. side mouth the "or Rudy's" part -- it's a joke
119 If you get lucky, you may spot some cargo that was lost on previous runs. We'll pay for that too. Let's head out.
130 00574F2E 00581EDF No, but the caps don't hurt.
138 00581EB3 00581EE2 (Chuckle) A wicked chuckle
139 That's a box you don't want to open. with a smile
141 00581EB5 00581ECF Let's hope no one is going to any graves today... Other than our enemies, as we cast their forsaken souls to hell itself. Starting cheerful, getting dark
142 Their screams echoing back as our merciless assault rips them from this mortal coil. Darkly we stride, tall and powerful, through this tunnel of death.
144 00581EB7 00581ECC Rudy. What are we hauling today? Greeting Rudy.
145 00581EB8 00581EF3 Agreed. Let's move out! Make for the exit! In combat
146 00581EB9 00581EE6 Now seems as good a time as any! In combat.
147 00581EBA 00581EDB Solid work, crew. Mission accomplished. Now, let's head outside before more of them show up. formal then more casual at the end
148 00581EDC Well done, we're in the clear. Let's head out there while we can.
160 00581EBF 00581EEA For years, I could barely breathe through the blood caked up in my throat. But little by little I found my footing again.
161 Even back then, there all sorts of shit you could get mixed up in. Mistakes you made weren't just wiped clean when the bombs fell.
162 So, I searched, and searched, until I didn't. That life ended with this caravan route. Found something here that gave me a reason to stay.
165 00581EC1 00581ED9 Target eliminated. Well done. The button to open the gate should be up there as well.
166 00581EDA Their captain is dead. Good going. Get the gate open and let's clean up the stragglers.
177 00583DA3 00583DA6 Watch the flanks! We've got more coming!
185 00591DD8 00574FBE Okay, gather round. Job is really simple, but also really dangerous, so listen up.
186 We're hiring you to protect these pack Brahmin and their merchant. Today, the role of merchant will be played by none other than Rudy. Say hi, Rudy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 005FAB64 005FAB8B Well, hello there. The spot we're looking for is further in the facility. salutations kind sir
13 005FB58C Your boss looks like she's about to strangle me with one of those vines. Something happen in there?
14 00602F46 I'm glad you and the righteous Paladin got the answers you sought. Dramatic
15 00602F52 Harpers Ferry Train Tunnel. Be there, or be... not there. What else did you need? Attempting drama, then giving up
16 00604258 Welcome to the ninth circle of hell. First, the good news: it's bring-your-own paramilitary night, so the Paladin drinks for free. Trolling
17 00604259 I'm still thinking about other ways we might get this door open... Definitely not replaying old episodes of K.D. Inkwell in my head. Sure you're not
18 Any luck finding a way to lift the lock-down yet?
23 00605F39 What do you suppose happened to all the people down in here? No signs of a struggle. Gas leak maybe? Poison? Investigating
24 00605F3A Looks like we'll need to spell out Open, Sesame, and Seed in numbers. There must be hints about the numbering system around here somewhere. Discussing with partner
26 00605F3C We just need to find a way to inject this chemical into the waterline... Let's keep moving, see if we find anything. Discussing with partner
29 00605F3F See if you can find any communication left behind by the members of the caravan. Anything can help. Thinking
32 00605FF6 (light snoring)
36 005FB35E 00603269 Aha, have you returned to plunge into the depths of Big Bend again? Well, I'm on break, sorry. Starts dramatic, ends casual
81 005FB455 005FB586 Whoa, whoa, trap? Where's this coming from? Hold on, did you say "sheep robot"? Like the baa-baa kind, or the killer robot kind? Initially taken aback, then only cares about the sheep robot. This REALLY interests him.
92 005FB463 005FB56E How considerate of you.
93 005FB465 005FB568 All right, but if you feel we've collected sufficient evidence, we should begin reviewing right away.
99 005FB474 005FB575 Okay, just give me a second. Yeesh. Offended, sarcastic
117 005FB494 005FB4D1 Pull out your decoder rings, kids. It's detective time.
123 005FB49B 005FB4CF And... done! Trust me now? I'll even lead the way, so, if you change your mind, it'll be easier to shoot me in the back. Sarcastic
124 005FB49C 005FB4D2 Login credentials... check. New terms of employment... yeah, yeah... benefits enrollment expired, sure, sure... Hurriedly going through computer pop-ups
145 005FB4B5 005FB4CA There's a trick to getting in. Gimme one shake of a Lambsquatch's tail to get it open. Nonchalant
157 005FB94C 005FB3CA Boo.
163 00602F55 Well, I know that I'm glad you killed it. If it found me first, you'd be talking to a pile of diced meat right now. That was a close one
165 00603268 The train tunnel itself isn't so important, but underneath is a top-secret gas pipeline running all the way out of the region. Almost excited by the secret tunnel
166 It's a pretty discrete route. Safe too, comparatively. Cept, uh, the most recent trip. Kind of proud of himself, then realizing its insensitive
167 00604268 What were we talking about...? Oh, right. Neutral transition back into any interrupted scene
168 00604269 Just your run-of-the-mill illegal natural gas pipeline, courtesy of the fine people at the Bysshe Company. Nonchalant. Bysshe = Bish, rhymes with fish
169 A bit before the War, Bysshe offered to maintain this historic train tunnel out of the goodness of their cold, corporate hearts. Oozing with disingenuous overtones
170 And, wouldn't you know it, they may have had an ulterior motive. Feigned disbelief!
171 0060426A We ferried a lot of people through these tunnels. Didn't want any of our former clients trying to use it. Honest answer
172 Not for business reasons or anything... We just didn't want anyone else going missing down here. Really trust me
173 0060426B I snooped around a bit when I first recommended the route to Joanna. There's some offices that were clearly being used as bunks for a while. Straight forward
174 Not sure what happened to them. Almost looks like they just dropped dead on the spot... That's not a bad omen, is it? Nonchalant
175 0060426C Er... In a past life I used to work with these pencil pushing sociopaths in suits. Doesn't REALLY want to talk about this
176 Well, not at this facility, but I was in-the-know about their various nefarious dealings in the region. Trying to wrap it up quick
187 00604272 I dunno. They're all over this region, though. Hard as hell to cut, and they grow like they hold a grudge. Nonchalant
190 00605C4D Yeah, okay. Neutral agreement
193 00605F4A Being back here again even gives me the creeps... And trust me, that's saying something. Troubled still trying to crack a joke though
212 00602F2E 00602F60 Well, you heard it now. Consider it a public service announcement.
213 00602F2F 00602F42 What!? Where!? Slight panic
214 00602F30 00602F36 Oh just a little something to help me breathe... and to keep my jaw attached. Nonchalant
215 You know what they say: play with fire, get burned. Play with killer robots, get your face ripped off. It's a real saying, promise
216 00602F32 00602F38 Hard to say. The campsite was pretty much undisturbed... Just empty. Spooky stuff. Ghosts, probably. Or a ghost train. Train ghost? One of those. Starting genuinely concerned, shifting to distraction
217 Tell me which one of those two things -- and only those two things -- it was when we get there, okay? emphasis on only, a bit silly
218 00602F34 00602F3C Bring snacks, please and thank you. Trying to be cute
219 0060416D 00604232 Okay. You and the Paladin have fun.
220 0060417F 00604246 Mm-hmm. I'll just skulk here in the corner in case another way of opening this door comes to mind. Dismissive
221 Let me know if you have any luck. Try not to die a terrible death. Cheery
222 00604181 00604227 There were some engineers living down here well after the bombs fell. Looks like they lasted a few years even.
223 Which means they had a way of fighting back the vines... Maybe start by looking for how they did that? Genuine suggestion, not sarcasm
224 00604182 0060420A Yeah, that's the tricky part. Troubled
225 00604184 0060424C Winner, winner, Rad Steak dinner. Sarcastic
226 00604186 0060422D If you'll cast your steely gaze to the left, you'll see a massive impenetrable wall of strangler vines. Airline attendant speak
227 To verify there's no gas leak, we need to get to the pump room. One guess where that pump room is located.
228 00604189 00604253 I'm trying to get you to drop the bad cop act and listen for starters. Almost annoyed, Response to "what are you trying to get me to do?"
229 0060418B 00604234 Oh, I'd love to. But... there's a little problem.
230 0060418D 00604216 Here's the quick version: clever little me locked that door by setting off a bogus gas leak alarm.
231 But... It looks like in order to lift the lock-down, you need to verify there's actually no gas leak. The door is real picky like that. Maybe it was a bad idea...
232 00604190 0060423B Well I hope you've gotten your tetanus shot. No telling where my face has been. But listen up first... unfazed
233 00604192 00604262 The bad news is that I can't unseal that door. Response to question: What's the bad news then?
234 00604194 0060423D Yep, just like I thought... Let's chat. Disappointed
235 00604195 0060421E You're not going to like this... Follow me. Sigh
236 00604196 00604200 And... that's bad... Oh, that's very bad. A little nervous
237 00604197 00604243 Speak, Aries, what's the hold-up? Not trusting
238 00604198 00604224 Okay. The camp's just past this door here. I'll get it open.
239 00604199 00604206 I can't blame you. I know I'm a real looker. Cheeky boy
240 0060419A 00604248 Fine. But don't think we aren't keeping an eye on you.
241 0060419B 00604229 And viola! It's just a little further ahead. Please, after you. intentionally says viola instead of viola.
293 006041E0 0060422F Look out, here comes trouble. Sarcastic
315 006041EF 00604249 You rang, boss? Playful
317 006041F1 0060420D Oh crap. You really want to go back there? He knows he will have to, but complaining anyway
320 006041F5 00604213 Okie-dokie. I'll meet you there. It's the big fancy train tunnel, just East of Harpers Ferry. Nonchalant
328 0060484A 0060487C If you really want to make it up to me, I've heard you guys have some killer rocket launchers to spare. Worth a shot
330 0060484C 00604870 Eh, water under the bridge. All of my best friendships start with misplaced suspicion of mass kidnapping. Nonchalant
354 0060485A 00604874 I'm right here, you know. Someone was talking bad about him
358 0060485E 00604884 I knew those pepperoni rolls had a funky taste. Joking
363 00604863 0060488D Add it to the catalog of questionable things I already have to answer for. This is funny to him
370 006058A7 006058BB All right, let's see here...
389 00605F27 00605F35 Initiate, where are you going? We need to return to the terminal to lift the lock-down first. Calling out
397 00605FE3 00605FFA I honestly wasn't following. Something about cats and rug burn? I dunno. But, it would be real swell if you found this lot safe and sound.
398 00605FE6 00605FFB Well, looks like the Truthseeker's Club of Lewisburg took on some new members. Impressed
399 The real question isn't what it was, it's how many more are out there? Thinkaboutit
400 00605FE8 00605FFC Who are any of us? Who are you? Who is the Paladin? Who am I? Now, that's a good question. Lunacy
401 00605FE9 00605FFD Oh, no problem. You should head over to Big Bend East sometime, join us for a caravan run. You're a natural at walking through dark train tunnels.
402 00605FFE Anything for a fellow caravaner. Be sure to stop by Big Bend now and then, we never get tired of seeing you.
404 00605FF0 00605FF4 Let's see... Thirty days past September... Carry the two... Examining a calendar


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
17 00573E81 00584B4B See you 'round.
65 00573E9E 0058212A Need something?
90 00584B38 Quietly a stranger approaches. Motives unclear. Their eyes shimmer in apprehension at the ghastly apparition that greets them. "Hello!" the apparition says gleefully.
91 00584B39 This world resists the positive changes we try to bring to it, but ever so slowly, our efforts make a difference.
92 00584B3A You're making quite the name for yourself. These merchants are good people, but they'd never make it through the tunnel without our help.
93 00584B3B Ah, fresh air! Well, freshly filtered ash-infested air! I'll take what I can get, as long as it means I'm still breathing.
94 00584B3C Don't be hard on yourself. The merchant isn't dead, and neither are you. We'll get 'em next time.
102 00602F43 The prodigal child of Steel returns! Here to kick in some doors, or helping out with a caravan? Dramatic, then chummy
103 00602F44 Well, well. "Ad Victoriam." You going to be joining us on this run? I'd feel a hell of a lot safer if you did. A bit mocking, then a little timid
104 0060326A Mission complete, soldier! At ease! Hey, uh... think you can get the Paladin to sign my helmet? Burly tough guy tone, then nerding out
105 0060326B Guess the Brotherhood really taught you how to fight, huh? Good seeing you strut your stuff again, buddy. Impressed
116 00574F57 00584B2F Ack! I'm hit.
117 00584B30 Leave me be, you bastards!
122 00574F5A 00582129 Look alive. as a greeting
151 00584B12 00584B1B It was long ago, and not a memory that comes without effort to conjure.
152 00602F53 You mean the voice? The mask? It's not so much what, but who. And, uh, I think you've already been acquainted. Coy
153 It's my special reward for standing between a robot and love... Love that, uh, some one may have programmed it to seek out. Coy
154 I do not recall that programming requiring ripping the face off of any human in its path. Or hunting down Bysshe employees for that matter... Suddenly realizing something
155 But... Isn't mother nature amazing? And it's gone
156 00602F54 It never hurts to ask. But the reason I'm wearing the mask did. A lot. Can't breathe without this thing now. Snarky
157 If you ever think "hey, I'm going to try and play God today." Don't. Trust me. Nonchalant
158 00584B14 00584B17 It is the tide, bringing in what was lost at sea. Also, we provide protection for traveling merchants. Start dramatic, then casual for second sentence