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For the Nellis Air Force Base doctor in Fallout: New Vegas, see Argyll.
Funny business? Miss Chase, you hurt my feelings. I mean, there ain't nothin' funny about... the Eagle Clawwww!!!

Argyle is the now dead but once "stalwart ghoul manservant" of adventurer Herbert "Daring" Dashwood in 2277.


Argyle was born before the Great War and first met Dashwood in 2241, when the adventurer unwittingly stole his girlfriend. However, despite the misunderstanding, they became good friends and traveling companions.

Argyle was a very irritable individual constantly exasperated by his boss' recklessness and how easily he fell for women. Nevertheless, he was very loyal, refusing to abandon him and always saving him from any dire situations, no matter how much effort, time and skill was required.

Argyle was a master of Unarmed combat, practicing kung-fu, being so skilled he could rip out an opponent's heart or kill a mirelurk with his bare hands. He apparently liked to collect martial arts memorabilia, as he carried the Unarmed bobblehead. He was a fan of the Shady Sands Shuffle maneuver. He could even disarm slave collars "with [his] eyes closed," indicating that he was also skilled in Explosives.

The final adventure with Dashwood came when Dashwood was seduced by Penelope Chase into revealing to her the secret underground city of Rockopolis that Dashwood and Argyle were charged with keeping secret. Dashwood, ever easily controlled and manipulated by women, took her to it where she revealed she was in fact a slaver and a double agent for Paradise Falls. Before she could kill Dashwood, Argyle ripped out her heart with his attack dubbed the "Eagle Claw". Unfortunately, it was too late for either Argyle or Dashwood to stop the slavers from attacking the village, and they were separated in all the confusion. While Dashwood somehow managed to escape, Argyle was not so fortunate. The invading slavers then killed Argyle and enslaved the population of Rockopolis, (as a nearby holotape suggests), but his adventures live on in the radio plays sometimes hosted by Galaxy News Radio.

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Doctor: Icon cross
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  • A Manhandled Manservant: Argyle's corpse can be found in Rockopolis. This information can then be given to Dashwood for a reward, much to the ex-adventurer's sorrow.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Merc grunt outfit - Bottle cap x20


Argyle refers to the "Shady Sands Shuffle" and says that it "brings me back".

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Argyle is referenced only in Fallout 3 through tales of his exploits with Herbert and his corpse in Rockopolis. He dies before the events of the game.


Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Argyle's body might disappear after installing the Xbox 360 patch.[verified]