You're right, they weren't here when we discovered Nellis! We found the guns at a huge weapon depot called Area 2, many miles from here!Pete

Area II is part of Nellis Air Force Base once known as the Lake Mead base.


According to Pete at Nellis Air Force Base, Area II was a huge military depot in Nevada, located many miles from Nellis AFB. The Boomers obtained their Howitzers and ammunition for them from it, dragging them across the Mojave Wasteland to Nellis AFB over several weeks.


Area 2 is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nellis Air Force Base Area II, once known as Lake Mead Base, is a separate facility about a mile northeast of the main Nellis air base on the northern outskirts of Las Vegas. Area II is munitions storage facility for both conventional bombs and "non-conventional" munitions which reportedly include 200 nuclear warheads. Area II is dominated by a high-security triple-fenced compound encompassing several dozen earthen bunkers. Because the fence is well-lit at night, it can be easily seen from Interstate 15 and by passenger jets approaching Las Vegas. A lower security area outside this compound includes support buildings and a federal minimum security prison. Conventional weapons used in military exercises are stored in a separate area from the nuclear compound and are transported to the main Nellis air base via a secured roadway. During the years of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, Lake Mead Base was a storage and transfer area for atomic devices to be detonated at the Test Site.

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