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Hello there. My name's Ardin Buckner and this is my place. Say, you didn't see a trapper named Smiley outside of town did you? (Half to herself) He's been gone for too long. Never should have let him go off on that fool quest of his.

Ardin Buckner is the head of the Buckner family in 2241.


For a woman in her early fifties, Ardin is considered very fit and full of life.[1] She is the strong-willed woman in charge of the Buckner family of Klamath. She is a very popular person in Klamath, in no small part thanks to her owning the Buckner House: Klamath's finest bar, hotel, and general store. She is also a brahmin farmer, owning a relatively big herd providing her with milk, meat, and leather for use in her activities.

She has two children, Maida and Torr Buckner, who help her run her business. Torr is mentally challenged, but strong and dedicated, making him an excellent cow herder. Her daughter is the direct opposite, with a talent for trading and business. Ardin has been looking to enlarge the family by marrying Smiley, a trapper, though his recent disappearance in the toxic caves has put a damper on these plans.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Ardin provides some information on Klamath and its denizens. If the Chosen One helps the Duntons rustle the brahmin, she will also be worried about Torr, who went missing in the canyon west of town. Obviously, if the Chosen One lets either Smiley or Torr die (or kills them purposefully), she will be devastated.


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Originally, the Chosen One was to be able to expose the Dunton rustling scheme, but it was cut before release.


Ardin Buckner appears only in Fallout 2.


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