The Archives prize voucher is an item found in the National Archives in Fallout 3. It can be traded for either grape, berry, or orange Mentats at the terminal to the right of the quiz terminal.


  • One is awarded for answering all 8 questions correctly on the "National Archives Guess and Win!" terminal in the lobby.
  • Six more can be found in the safe in the Archives Administrator's office, found to the right of the front entrance and up some stairs.

Guess and Win - Correct answersEdit

  1. Second Continental Congress
  2. Thirteen
  3. John Hancock
  4. 56
  5. Ratification
  6. King George III
  7. Happiness
  8. Thomas Jefferson


  • Although the vouchers' weight is shown as one, being "quest items" they are actually weightless. This also means they cannot be dropped normally and must be spent at the Prize Redemption Terminal or removed through console commands.
  • This item exists in Fallout: New Vegas, albeit only as legacy content.
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