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My hunch was right. S.N.O.W. was here, and it wasn't the only one. The place looks like it was fed through a particle splitter, but for some reason it's quit now.Librarian terminal

The Architect is a character in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Neon Flats."


The Architect is an Institute scientist who is responsible for creating the self-learning A.I. known as S.N.O.W. The Architect tested S.N.O.W. within his apartment in Goodneighbor before coming to the conclusion that S.N.O.W. is becoming too independent and is displaying signs of free will. The Architect runs a Turing test on S.N.O.W. to see if he is correct with his assumptions and although S.N.O.W. does fail, she fails so horribly that The Architect concludes she failed on purpose because she knows the purpose of the Turing Test. He decided to send an Institute SRB clean-up crew to the Goodneighbor apartment to reset S.N.O.W. and have her self-learning algorithm restricted. When he returned to his apartment he found the clean-up crew incapacitated and S.N.O.W. missing from her central monitor. The Architect then tries to follow her to the Boston Public Library in order to reboot her systems but he is killed by S.N.O.W.

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The Architect appears only in Fallout 4 's Creation Club content "Neon Flats."

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