Archimedes II is an energy-based artillery weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.

FNV screenshot Helios laser


Before Archimedes II can be used, it must be activated by choosing to divert the power of HELIOS One to it at the end of the That Lucky Old Sun quest.

Triggering it by firing Euclid's C-Finder at a target causes three laser beams to converge on the target, followed by a large blue laser beam from the sky which causes massive damage. The laser must charge for at least 24 hours before each subsequent use after the first.

At the conclusion of I Could Make You Care by activating the weapon, Veronica Santangelo will refer to Archimedes II as "glorified artillery" when speaking to Elder McNamara (or Elder Hardin, depending on the result of Still in the Dark).


Archimedes II should not be confused with Archimedes I, a related weapon that acts as a security system for HELIOS One.

Behind the scenesEdit

The ancient writers Lucian and Anthemius of Tralles wrote that the Greek scientist Archimedes built a 'heat ray' weapon using mirrors to focus the sun's energy on enemy ships. It was purportedly used at the Roman Siege of Syracuse from 214-212 BC. Most scientists are skeptical that such a device would be practical or efficient; however.

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