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If I like you, you can call me Sarge. But guess what? I don't like you! Do you understand?

Sergeant Arch Dornan is an Enclave non-commissioned officer who is stationed at Navarro's airbase in 2241.


Arch Dornan is a drill sergeant in the Navarro base. Equipped with advanced power armor and a characteristically bad attitude. Both his demeanor and his voice are reminiscent of various drill sergeant stereotypes. He is the bane of privates, chastising them for even the smallest infractions and breaches of protocol, especially if he dislikes them.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Talking to him even while equipped with advanced power armor will end with him forcing the Chosen One to stand guard at the hangar. If dialogue with him is initiated after being sent to guard the hangar, he will react negatively.
  • Should he spot the Chosen One out of Enclave armor, there is a chance he has them thrown off the base, thinking they are just another civilian. If spotted a second time, he concludes that the Chosen One is actually a spy and raises the alarm. However, with enough points in primary and secondary statistics, one can fool him into believing that they have actually lost their issued set of power armor or were not issued one by sloppy base personnel, resulting in a lengthy tirade and a dismissal to the quartermaster for another suit.
  • If he spots the Chosen One away from the hangar, he will relentlessly pursue them and chastise them upon catching them. If this happens three times however, the entire base will turn hostile. If he notices that the Chosen One has left their post however, he will search the base, and a floating text will indicate that he is looking for them.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Advanced power armor Plasma rifle

Notable quotes


Arch Dornan appears only in Fallout 2, however, Cannibal Johnson in Fallout: New Vegas makes a reference to Dornan, remembering him for once catching a private out of uniform and going on the most "ear-blistering rant known to man."[Non-canon 1][1][2]

Behind the scenes

Dornan's attitude and many of his lines and expressions are noticeably similar to those of Drill Instructor Hartman from the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket.


Like the Navarro base commander, Arch Dornan uses a female proto id, but is referred to as a male in dialogue.



  1. The Courier: "How much money do you owe this Reaper guy?"
    Cannibal Johnson: "What? I was talking about Death, kid. Guess that one went right over your head, didn't it? Old Sergeant Dornan would've had a field day with you.
    (Cannibal Johnson's dialogue) Note: This prompt is spoken with an Intelligence of 3 or less.
  2. The Courier: "Who's Sergeant Dornan?"
    Cannibal Johnson: "He was a drill instructor I knew. He was also the meanest bastard I've ever known. Once, he caught this private out of uniform and old Dornan went off on the most ear-blistering rant known to man. It was inspiring."
    (Cannibal Johnson's dialogue)


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.361: "[3.11] Cannibal Johnson's Cave
    On the bluffs northwest of Camp Golf [3.23], close to Vault 34 [3.12], is a slit in the rocks above a steep gully, which sports a battered old door. Check the Hollowed-Out Rock at the entrance. Enter, and watch your step!
    Cannibal’s Chamber
    Deactivate the Bear Trap on the floor. Speak with Cannibal Johnson, and he greets you as an old friend. It’s only when you talk more that you realize he was hoping it was death. At this point, you can speak to him about “mean old” drill Sergeant Dornan, his time in the military, and whether he’s a Cannibal. He isn’t saying. But recalls a story where he bit the heart out of a Raider when he was surrounded. He also mentions his tribal wife, with pretty eyes. She’s dead a long time, now.
    Johnson's Coolhouse
    Cannibal Johnson looks like an accomplished hunter. There's also ground-water to drink, which is cleaner than it appears."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)
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