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We are a very protective community. As Dharma said, 'Many sticks can be broken. A bundle cannot.'— Aradesh

Aradesh is the leader of Shady Sands in 2161, and has remained so since 2142.


Vault 15

He was originally an inhabitant of Vault 15. His multicultural accent and appearance are attributed to living in Vault 15, whose experiment was to incorporate people of different cultural backgrounds. However, Aradesh left the vault together with the other dwellers following a disastrous attack by raiders. Along with other exiled inhabitants of the vault, he ventured out into the wastes, looking for a place to begin anew.

New Frontiers

Thereafter, he founded the humble community of Shady Sands using the G.E.C.K. in 2142. He led the community with a steady, guiding hand, reinforcing the slightly xenophobic attitudes of the townsfolk, aiming to make it a completely self sufficient community and keep it that way. Initially, he greeted the Vault Dweller with reserve, but after he removed the radscorpion threat and later saved his daughter from the Khans, he welcomed him openly in the community. Broad horizons were opening up for the small town.

Founding NCR

Aradesh, Seth, and Tandi would later start laying the foundations for the New California Republic, with him being elected as its first President. Inspired by the Vault Dweller, Aradesh and Seth searched for Vault 13, but during one of the expeditions, all trace of them was lost and he was presumed dead. Afterwards, his daughter took the position of President, guiding the NCR to a brighter, safer future.

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Other interactions

He is likely to be among the first non-player characters with a talking head that the player will encounter. It will be learned quickly that he does not tolerate being lied to. Should the player act rash, refuse to answer questions, or lie about their origins in Vault 13 (excusing the fact that characters with high Speech can lie their way in), Aradesh won't hesitate to lead them to the town borders. This has no real effect on further interactions in the town, as one can walk back and re-initiate dialogue with Aradesh without negative repercussions.

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Robes (not lootable) Spear
41 bottle caps -



Presidents of the New California Republic
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