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Wanderer, I shall believe you . . . for now. You may enter Shady Sands, but be warned your every move will be watched.

Aradesh is the leader of Shady Sands in 2161 and a major character in Fallout with a talking head. In the following decades, Aradesh and Tandi were the key driving force behind the establishment of the New California Republic, with Aradesh serving as its first president until he died in 2196.


Descended in a straight line from the founder of Shady Sands,[4] Aradesh was elected[5] as elder by the community, to lead with his experience.[2] Over the years, he earned a reputation for kindness, patience, and strength, maintaining Shady Sands as a small, self-sufficient community of peaceful, hard-working people. This has earned him respect among travelers,[6] although his mannerisms have also resulted in some considering him a bit loony.[7] Regardless, among his people, he's revered as a hero, always found in the communal hall to help others,[8] and even those who don't think of him as a hero, give him credit for maintainig the most promising community in the wastes.[9]

Much of Aradesh's outlook on life stemmed from the teachings of Dharma, who he descibed as a great religious man whose words guided him in his daily actions.[10] Humble to a fault,[11] Aradesh firmly believed in maintaining a protective, tightly knit community (as a stick can be broken, but a bundle cannot),[12] including closely examining any visitors entering the town (Caution is life in troubled times), to determine whether they can be allowed to remain - under close watch by the community - or ejected from the community by Seth and his guard. Origin mattered less than intent,[13] and even secretive people were allowed to remain - though they were advised to not think of Shady Sands as a city of open hospitality[14] He had little patience for liars and was quick to call people out on it - especially if they claimed to come from a Vault, as Aradesh's community was descended from one, Vault 15. Demonstrating knowledge only known to a dweller would be proof enough.[15]

The only sure fire way to anger him was to demonstrate insolence of the highest sort, which led to prompt expulsion, especially when he was carrying out his duty to the town.[16] On the other hand, anyone who earned his respect or seems like a trustworthy sort, could readily earn his respect and help. He would even ask them to excuse the behavior of his peers, as Tough times tan the human hide.[17]

The Dweller comes (Fallout)[]

In December 2161, Aradesh was a well-respected leader of the community. Although he did some traveling, enough to pick up rumors of the deathclaws,[18] he never crossed the Sierra Nevadas,[19] and since becoming elder, he has ensured the community kept to itself, away from wasteland politics. His brazen daughter, Tandi, firmly believed that the Shady Sands should open itself up to trade, but Aradesh believed safety was more important and so refused to even entertain the notion of tightening trade relations with Junktown,[20] nevermind the Hub. While caravans did come,[21] they did so infrequently.[22]

Aradesh's approach to self-sufficiency was tested. While radscorpions were a permanent nuisance since the town's foundation, their numbers increased steadily and by the time the Vault Dweller arrived, they were claiming victims every week among citizens looking to keep them from killing their brahmin.[23] At his wit's end, Aradesh asked the stranger to look into the monsters killing the herds and aid Razlo with finding a cure for their venom.[24]

The conflict with the raiders also reached its peak; angered by Shady Sands' resistance, the Khans abducted Aradesh's daughter. Although Aradesh and the community had a wealth of knowledge about the raiders in the region,[25][26][27][28] they lacked the skill necessary to launch a rescue. Three patrols sent out to track Tandi and her captors down failed to return, leading to the Dweller being asked to intervene once more.[29] The Dweller obliged and rescued Tandi from the Khans, destroying them as a fighting force.[30]

Having earned the trust of Aradesh and his daughter through spectacular feats of bravery, the Dweller moved on, leaving an indelible mark on Aradesh.[Non-game 2]

Founder of the NCR[]

Fallout Magic Aradesh, the Founder art

Aradesh during the founding years of the NCR.

The way Shady Sands' two biggest issues were resolved by a wanderer led Aradesh to reverse his policy of isolationism. Together with Tandi, he started reaching out to other settlements, opening Shady Sands up to the world. First, Aradesh tightened relations with Junktown, Shady Sands' oldest trading partner, forming a provisional alliance.[Non-game 3] As trade spread, the community prospered, cultural exchange increased, and eventually a movement to form a national entity started to take root,[31] thanks to Aradesh's and Tandi's guidance.[32]

In 2186, Aradesh formed a trial council government to draft a constitution, proposing the idea to other major cities in the region. As the people of New California voted in favor of the NCR, Aradesh presided over Shady Sands no longer as elder, but as mayor.[1] In 2189, the last referendum in the Hub resulted in a victory for the Republican side, and the NCR formed. Aradesh was chosen as the Republic's first president, addressing the crowd in Shady Sands before the newly finished Hall of Congress.[33] Commonly credited as The Founder of the NCR, Aradesh was elected by the Congress for two terms (2189-2194 and 2194-2196),[3] but did not complete the second one. Heading an expedition into the Sierra Nevadas to discover Vault 13, with First Ranger Seth at his side, Aradesh and Seth died on the trail.[34] Tandi was unanimously elected as his successor, ruling the NCR for the next ten terms.[1][Non-game 1]

His legacy lived on in his daughter, who shaped NCR into a superpower over the next decades, carefully navigating its politics and trying to stay true to her father's values. He was immortalized on the $5 banknote of the Republic, as the elder of Shady Sands with no honorific,[35] and a frontier NCR fort in the American southwest was named after him, before it was lost as the NCR withdrew.[36] Indirectly, Aradesh also inspired Caesar's view of the NCR: The way he was elected as the first president and succeeded by his daughter, caused Sallow to mock the NCR as a hereditary dictatorship, rather than a true democracy.[37]


While looked up to by the community as a hero (and certainly a good leader),[38] Aradesh was closer with some members of Shady Sands. Razlo was a good friend of his,[39] also respected for his medical skills.[40]

Naturally, his closest relationship was with his only[39] daughter, Tandi. She was his guiding reason for enduring the hard life on the frontier of civilization,[41] leading him to overcompensate at times and be overprotective. For example, he rarely shared knowledge of the outside world with her,[42] and could be prudish at times - especially when possible matches are concerned.[43] He actually tried to encourage Tandi to consider Seth, the captain of the guards, as a possible partner,[44] but Tandi shot the attempts down.[45] Regardless of his faults, Tandi considered him an "okay" parent overall.[46]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character has a talking head.
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This character starts quests.


  • Stop the Radscorpions: Aradesh asks the Vault Dweller to help with the radscorpion plague and directs them to Seth, to seek out the cave and wipe out the menace.
  • Rescue Tandi from the Raiders: Once the radscorpions are wiped out and the player spends two full days outside Shady Sands, this quest becomes available. Aradesh's daughter was kidnapped by the Khans, and the elder asks for aid. If the player agrees, he receives a spear (evidence of the Khan involvement). Delivering Tandi alive nets 400 experience points and 500 caps, and maxes out Aradesh's attitude.
    • The quest is not available if the player wipes out the raiders beforehand.

Other interactions[]

  • He is likely to be among the first non-player characters with a talking head that are encountered.
  • While Aradesh has a complex reaction mechanic (see here), it's impossible to get a negative reaction on first talking to him, and even lying to him and failing Speech checks associated with the origin of the Vault Dweller (eg. lying that the village in the west is called a Vault due to the natural terrain), will only result in the player being kicked out. They can then return and re-initiate dialogue at will with no consequences.
  • Whether Aradesh and Tandi are alive or dead determines the endings for Shady Sands. The NCR forms if both remain alive by the endgame, while if only one is alive, Shady Sands becomes a powerful force in the region (Aradesh is killed by a desert raider eventually). If both are dead, Shady Sands is razed by raiders. It is razed by the mutants either way if the player enters the town once 230 days pass (past July 23, 2162).
  • Aradesh's Tell-Me-Abouts are limited by the script: Apparently, at a certain point the feature did not support spaces, and so the Tell-Me-Abouts about Shady Sands are split into either Shady or Sands.

Tell me about[]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Brown robe Spear
Bottle caps x41

Behind the scenes[]

  • Aradesh appears to have a darker skin tone than the base clay model, though it appears to be post-processing to match the adobe hut interior background. He also wears a ball hoop earring in his right ear.
  • The name hints at a Hindu ancestry, although there's no direct analogue. Aradesh's name may be derived from Pradesh (प्रदेश), or province, with one letter changed.
  • As one of the earliest characters, Aradesh has a complex reaction calculation mechanic that's not the same as other characters implemented later in development. It includes three variables set through local_var 0 through 2, which roughly correspond to opinion (0) and attitude (1), with the last one ensuring the reaction check is only ran once.
  • Opinion ranges from 1 to 100 and starts at 50. This is modified as follows:
  • The resulting sum sets Aradesh's attitude:
    • 1-25 gets a bad reaction (local_var(1) set to 1).
    • 26-75 gets a neutral reaction (local_var(1) set to 2).
    • 76-100 gets a good reaction (local_var(1) set to 3).
  • The resulting attitude is then randomized within the range, and can be further modified in dialogue, in small (+/- 10 opinion) and large (+/- 25) increments. Saving Tandi sets it to maximum level.
  • In practice, this complex calculation is meaningless, as without deliberately going for the negative karma titles with 1 Charisma it's impossible to get anything but at least a neutral reaction. Furthermore, the reaction does not lock away any quest opportunities and exists mostly for flavor.


Aradesh appears in Fallout as a talking head. He is mentioned by Tandi in Fallout 2, and appears on the NCR five dollar bill. He is also mentioned by Caesar in Fallout: New Vegas and in Fallout 4 on the radio broadcast while exploring Conrad Kellogg's memories.



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