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Aqua Cura is a fake version of Aqua Pura in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Aqua Cura is produced by the ghoul Griffon, by switching Aqua Pura with irradiated water to sell to the ghouls in Underworld. He would then sell the real Aqua Pura to people the Brotherhood of Steel won't give it to, such as the raiders and slavers, to increase his profits. It is essentially dirty water.

Griffon also tries to increase his profits on the water by telling the ghouls it has effects that will benefit them; this is true because radiation heals ghouls, but it also furthers their "ghoulification" and misrepresents the value of his product (which would otherwise be free).



  • If a certain Speech challenge is used to complete the quest The Amazing Aqua Cura!, Griffon will then sell regular Aqua Pura, although he will continue to call it Aqua Cura, which he claims is to give hope to the ghouls that purchase the water. Stealing a bottle of Aqua Cura after completing the quest in this way will reveal that it is still heavily irradiated.
  • Griffon claims that Aqua Cura:
    • Cures ghoul skin problems in "Just five minutes!"
    • Cures clumsiness.
    • Helps sleep.
    • Removes stains.
    • Cures headaches.
    • Induces love.
    • Helps eyesight problems.
    • Helps hair growth.
    • Tastes great and reverses radiation poisoning.
    • Helps concentration.
    • Improves hearing.
    • Prevents bullying.
    • Relieves "dry mouth, and other side effects of Mentats."
  • Aqua Cura is worth more than Aqua Pura with all traders.
  • Griffon can only sell the player character up to two bottles of Aqua Cura.

Behind the scenes

Selling quack cures with Latin-sounding names and accompanied by a sense of showmanship was a hallmark of the "Patent Medicine" era in the US, as exemplified by the medicine show, common in the 19th-century before the passage of legislation banning them.