Appalachia Radio is a radio station in Appalachia. Although the station previously lacked a DJ, Julie took over the station in 2103.

Background[edit | edit source]

Appalachia Radio is broadcast from an unknown location within West Virginia, though its exact location does not appear anywhere in-game. Radio placement in pre-War locations indicates that it was on the air before the Great War, though its history from 2077 until 2102 is uncertain. When the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 emerged on Reclamation Day, the radio was continuously broadcasting songs on a loop, without a DJ.[1]

As humans returned to the region after the Scorched Plague subsided, Julie, a young woman from the area, found the station where Appalachia Radio had its origin.[2] She had previously listened to the station, and because the songs meant so much to her, she wanted to make sure that the radio was kept in working order.[3]

According to Julie, the equipment in the station was in poor condition, and days away from breaking down when she first found it. Had she not repaired the radio, it would have played "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter on repeat.[4] The radio station also has several terminals in the building, which recorded the most popular songs being broadcast before the Great War. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" was overwhelmingly the favorite, and Julie speculates that it is still the case decades after the bombs.[5] Julie continues to DJ Appalachia Radio, commenting on songs and their performers, especially in regard to how they relate to the post-apocalypse.[6] She will also reference unique cultural tidbits about post-War Appalachia, such as the traveling merchant Grahm,[7] the rarity of ballistic fiber[8] and the effects of Nukashine.[9]

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Cut songs[edit | edit source]

Some songs were originally included on Appalachia Radio but were patched out later. These include:

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Upon entering a new cell and/or fast traveling to a location, Julie may repeat her last line in the middle of a song.[verified]

References[edit | edit source]

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