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Apologies, Mr. Duncan is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note is found in the attic of the home at Duncan & Duncan Robotics, on a long wooden crate.


Mr. Duncan,

I've given a strong dressing down to the men involved in the "altercation." I'm terribly sorry about them attempting to serve you the summons meant for your twin and duly hope you can understand the mix-up.

Unfortunately, the other Mr. Duncan continues to elude us. Are you sure he's not residing at a different address? Can you at least confirm I have this correct:

88888 Watchkey Street

It also seems he's been avoiding your mutual place of business since the lockout occurred, though the men I've had stationed in the neighborhood are having some trouble differentiating you two (as you've well seen). Is there any chance you might be willing to don a small item by which they can differentiate you two? A lapel pin or a rose in your jacket pocket?

We at Gramercy & Ulster appreciate your patience in this matter. It is our sincere hope to have your brother found, and access restored to your showroom in no time.

William Ryan Gramercy, Esq.