Who is Antler? WHO IS ANTLER? Antler, the human asks about you! What do I tell it? All right. All right... Yes, yes, of course.Who Antler is, not important to you. Antler wants that you deal with me.Davison

Antler is the name given to the brahmin skull that Davison's nightkin worship, and they created "Antlerism" to show their devotion to it. It is in the basement level of the REPCONN test site in 2281.


Antler is a brahmin skull that Davison, a former captain in the Master's Army, picked up while he and his troop of nightkin wandered the wasteland. Nightkin develop a form of schizophrenia from prolonged Stealth boy use and so, because of this, they believe that the skull gives them orders and guidance.

Davison relates that his troops were suffering mentally from being separated from Master, and that since finding Antler to worship "everything's been going really well." Incidentally, Antler acts as a conduit for higher-tier planning that Davison would otherwise abandon in favor of brute force.

It's Antler's suggestion (in Davison's mind) that the Courier should help with the ghoul holed up in the room containing the Stealth Boy information, and it's Antler's confirmation of the Courier's discovery (that the Stealth Boy shipment was not at the REPCONN facility) that convinces Davison that the Courier is telling the truth. Antler is housed in the REPCONN test site basement, where he is guarded by Davison.


  • If you pick up, move, or attack the brahmin skull referred to as Antler, Davison will say, "You touched Antler. Now you die!" and becomes hostile.
  • If Antler is moved by means other than direct interaction, Davison will still become hostile.
  • While rather uncommon, it is possible to directly shoot and move Antler without Davison becoming hostile.
  • After convincing the nightkin to leave the REPCONN basement, Antler will disappear.
  • Although Antler is said to be the brahmin skull that appears on top of the coffee machine next to Davison, it is not marked with a name and cannot be put in your inventory.


Antler appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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