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Antivenom is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Antivenom is modern medicine's answer to the tribal antidote by combining nightstalker blood and radscorpion glands which acts as a cure against poisoning. It is effective against any poison produced by animal (night stalker) or arthropod (bark scorpion, radscorpion, cazador) and fixes the "blur" side effect instantly. It is a purely medicinal consumable with no side effects other than a bad after taste.[1]


This item can be crafted with a Survival skill of 40 upwards and the necessary components:

Antivenom (2)



Behind the scenes

Originally, it was planned to have specific types of antivenom for the different types of venom each creature, but at some point during development, the antivenom items was simplified to a cure all generic antivenom. However, there are several variations of the antivenom flask with the game files with differing textures and model names, antivenombark, antivenomcaz and antivenomrad, signifying what type of venom they were meant for. The models for these other variants of antivenom are repurposed for other items. The model for antivenombark is reused for bitter drink and tremble, antivenomcaz reused for bleak venom and datura hide, and antivenomrad is reused for Mother Darkness and weapon binding ritual.


  1. The Courier: "Any more recipes.. or histories... you can teach?"
    Ulysses: "Antivenom's helpful around the Mojave with the Bark Scorpions. Even one sting can kill you. Tunneler bite can be just as bad. My tribe, Twisted Hairs, had a better way than Antivenom, if you act fast. Snakebite Tourniquet - cuts off the venom, no need to scavenge glands and blood. Or drink that mess."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)